May 4, 2016

Wednesday - Sunny and warm

May the Fourth be with you…

A good day.

I got up fairly late this morning, but made the bed and dressed soon after I did.  I had some tea while F was out at his mother’s and then when he returned, went out for lunch with him.

Today he wanted the Farmer’s restaurant that he likes so much.  I had no objections so off we went.  We were able to get in, but they were very busy and the only table we could get was Japanese style on the floor.  Not great when you are nursing a bad knee.

We ordered and then proceeded to wait.  We didn’t get our food for an hour.  I wasn’t too pleased about that.  When it came it was really good, but a little small.  

We went looking for a piece of furniture for me after lunch. I wanted something that approximated a bedside table.  We went to the furniture store, and then a couple of secondhand shops.  I ended up getting a little wooden box/drawer thing.  It’s about the right size for beside my bed.  It came from Hard-Off.  I had a look there for a few other things, like a new pan to replace the one F ruined, but they didn’t have one.  

After that, I suggested a drink in S-Mall.  We went to Doutors and had a nice drink.  When we finished, I searched in a couple of shops for the combination handbag/backpack that I like.  I actually liked the ones at the cheaper shop more than the “bag” shop, plus they were so much cheaper.  I know they won’t last that long, but it’s okay.  If I was in love with a leather one at the bag shop, I’d probably figure out a way to afford it, because it would be an investment.  

When we left the mall I was quite achy.  Today, my back really was not happy.  I probably pulled or strained something when I tripped yesterday.  F suggested the Internet Cafe, so off we went.  The parking lot was full so I was worried that we wouldn’t get our massaging chairs, but no worries.  Three of them were available.  We took two.  We spent the next 4 hours being massaged and watching silly movies on the TVs there.  I did quite a lot of crochet, and managed to almost finish another ball of yarn.  I watched a Bruce Willis-Thomas Jane sci-fi movie and then some YouTube videos of “Say Yes to the Dress”.  I wanted silly and happy and fun!

We had dinner tonight at Coco’s after we finished at the Internet Cafe.  It was quite busy, but we had a good dinner.  Well, I did.  F didn’t like his.  I had chicken with a cheddar cheese fondue, he had ankake veggies over rice or something.  

We came home afterwards and I watched Penny Dreadful because I missed it on Saturday night.  I love that show.  When I was setting up the DVR for our trip, it started acting wonky again.  F offered to take it in to be fixed.  Great dear, but then I’ll miss Penny Dreadful and that is a very bad thing!

F has gone to bed and I’m going as soon as I have done this.  Tomorrow might be a long day.  I’m going out with F and his mother in the morning to see if there are any suitable dogs for her in the pound, or the Tsuruoka version of the pound.  We’ll probably go for lunch afterwards which could be a little scary as she likes Japanese food and me, well…not that much!

And tomorrow night we’re going out of town, so there won’t be an update.  Don’t miss me too much.  I should be back on Friday…don’t wait up just in case I forget to blog.  Come back in a couple of days…until tomorrow’s tomorrow….

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