June 1, 2016

Wednesday - Rainy on and off all day

A good day.

I got up this morning and tried to get into my usual routine.  I watched Castle and ate breakfast, drank tea.  Then, I took a short nap.  Only it wasn’t as short as I planned.  

I woke up and finally got moving with my day.  I knew that F was heading to Yamagata for work today, so wasn’t coming home for lunch.  It gave me the chance to relax a bit too much I think!

In the afternoon I did my computer stuff early and thought about going out to have some tea or something, but never did.  I made my lunch from yesterday’s leftovers and ate them.  Yum.  

I scanned some of my recent incoming cards and also the Gotochi cards that I picked up in Ibaraki.  It gives me lots of things to post on my Postcard blog.  

When F came home I started cooking dinner.  Tonight it was pasta with mushrooms and smoked duck breast and salad.  It turned out rather well I thought.  I let F do the dishes tonight, he didn’t seem to be as exhausted as he was last night.

It rained all evening so we weren’t able to go out for a walk.  I had hoped that we would, but nope.  Didn’t.  I shall have to walk again at home tomorrow.  I need to start again.  

I watched Blindspot and then Penny DreadfulPenny Dreadful was brilliant and it left off on a huge cliffhanger so I am wondering if I can wait until Saturday night to watch it.  Not sure what my options would be if I can’t! 

I also wrote up 4 postcrossing cards tonight.  Finally, I did a few.  My game plan is to try and write a few every weeknight, but I’m not sure that it is practical.  I’ve been slacking off a lot lately and I’ll need to take a week off at the end of the month to write my column again.

Anyway, that’s about it for me.  Tomorrow I really should do some more laundry and cleaning if I get around to it.  Sigh. I’ll also have to scan my cards and get them into the mail.  

Come back in a bit and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I've given up on scanning cards. It was too much stress for doing something that is supposed to be fun. I would much rather just sit and write cards all night long than faff about with the scanner. It is a nice record, especially when one goes missing, but I figure the 500 I've already scanned in are enough to give folks an idea of the kind of cards I send. I realize you blog about your cards though, so you need to scan them.

Helen said...

I have my scanning practically down to a science nowadays, so I don't mind too much. It sometimes does take time, particularly if I want to scan the stamp and not my address or something like that.

I've thought about letting go of doing it, but I quite like having a record of the cards I send too.

Thanks for commenting :-)