June 12, 2016

Sunday - Hot, muggy and sunny

A good day.

I woke up late today, but still in the morning.  I came through and after a drink of water, said hello to my husband.  We relaxed for a while and then we had some quiche and salad.  

It was 2 pm when we headed over to the Kokusai Mura to go to the International Centre, and the World Bazaar was over at 3 pm.  Sigh.  We did manage to get some nice food, but once again our bad timing did us in.  There was nothing nice to drink that didn’t have a lot of sugar in it, so I didn’t have anything.  We did have some decent food though.  Well, I did.  I had something Indonesian…a vegetable thingy….but it was a bit like a takoyaki.  Good though.  F had some chicken noodle stuff that I thought was nice but it wasn’t ramen so he didn’t like it.  I got some pad thai and bought F some Tom Yang Kum soup…he liked it and I liked mine.  We finished off by having a kakigori each and a slight sunburn for me.  We looked at the sales stuff, but they were packing up when we walked by.  I saw an ex-student, but she was deep in conversation with someone and didn’t see me.  

We went to S-Mall and I bought us both drinks at Doutors.  Then, F needed his medicine, so I suggested that he go home and get it, while I stayed in the mall and shopped.  Yay!  I hacked the 100 yen shop and only bought one thing, and even that waited until F came back.  He got one thing too, so 200 yen and a little tax saw us out of there.  

We came home for a while and vegged.  F started to pester me about dinner, so I suggested Coco’s.  We ended up going there as I needed a drink bar!  F had wanted to go to a roadside diner, but they don’t have a drink bar and it’s not that great food wise either! 

We both had chicken at Coco’s.  I had mine with cheese sauce and veggies, he had his with garlic soy sauce and potato wedges.  We both added on drink bar and either rice or a bun.  It was quite nice, but we sat near an air conditioner vent.  It was a little freaky because we could see the cold air coming out of it.  It was a bit like that bit in Raiders of the Lost Ark when they open the Ark of the Covenant! Spooky.  And cold.

We bought a few groceries.  I’m going to make tacos tomorrow night.  I bought a taco kit that was on its way to expiring somewhere, it’s okay until July, but I’d rather use it as soon as I can.  Besides, I’m hoping to cook tomorrow night and not have to cook on Tuesday.  Hoping!  

Since we didn’t get home until after the Weekend Movie I wanted to see had started, I told F that I would go on a walk with him.  So, that’s what we did.  We went out for about an hour, walked over two miles which is quite cool when you think about it.  

We came home and I spent a bit of time on my computer looking for a good edging for the runner I posted about yesterday.  I have a couple of ideas bookmarked now.  

And that’s about it.  It was a pretty good day really.  My sunburn isn’t bad, I’m not red at all, my back feels a little…pained…but not really painful.  Tomorrow I hope to get out of the apartment if the weather co-operates…maybe go and have a tea somewhere.  Come back tomorrow and hear all about my trials and tribulations.  Until tomorrow….

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