June 23, 2016

Thursday - Rainy, clearing towards the evening

A quiet day.

I got up on time this morning and went through to the living room for my Castle fix.  While taking care of that I made breakfast - porridge - and tea.  It was nice.

I had a quiet day today.  I didn’t do any postcrossings last night, so I didn’t have anything to scan or send out.  I did get dinner started around 6 tonight, as F hadn’t even called to say he was finished work.  

When he came home, I got dinner underway fairly quickly.  I sautéed some garlic cheese chicken, and we had that with some Japanese style pickles that I made with a seasoning packet from the store.  That was fun.  I had to bash a poor unsuspecting cucumber with my rolling pin first.  Good for relieving tension.  We also had some regular cucumber sticks, some tomatoes and salad.  Oh, yes, there was tofu too, with a packet sauce.  Yum.  

We did go out for a walk, but we got down the street and I noticed two things.  Firstly, my right foot was really sore, and secondly, F was 15 feet ahead of me.  If he’d slowed down for me, or even looked in my general direction once or twice I would have done my best to keep going.  I thought about just turning around and going home and seeing if and when he’d notice, but I didn’t.  Finally, he did slow down and asked how I was.   When I told him my foot hurt, he said that we should go home.  I was quite surprised…and happy that he wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it.  

We came home and after a little had some cherries that my friend had given me yesterday.  We had them with mint ice cream, which didn’t really go, but wasn’t terrible!  After I finished my late dessert, I worked a little on the runner.  This time I’m trying a single crochet to see how I like it.  I’m undecided at the moment.  

That’s about it for tonight really.  It was a quiet day.  I did do a little research for my movie column and have started to think about it which is important to me.  Tomorrow night we might go and see the fireflies if the weather isn’t bad.  Come back in a bit and most will be revealed.  Until tomorrow….

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