June 25, 2016

Saturday - Warm but cloudy, rainy at night

A good day.

I got up when F came home this morning.  I was surprised to see him so soon, as I assumed that he’d be at the doctor’s office for longer.  He’d also said he’d take him mother out today.  He was back around 9 am and stayed home.

I had an early shower and then watched Click and The Travel Show before we went out for lunch.  F picked a Sushi/Fish restaurant so I had sashimi. It was okay.  

After lunch, we were both a bit sleepy so we came home and slept!  I think we had a three hour nap or something.  F’s was probably longer than mine, since I got up before he did.  

We had a quick and pretty good dinner at Gusto.  I had spicy chicken on bean sprouts, F had some kind of noodle dish and we shared an avocado shrimp salad.  Yum. 

After dinner, it was off to the cinema for us.  We went to see Spotlight tonight and it was great.  A really great ensemble cast, great writing and a deep story.  Both F and I were impressed with it.  I thought it was a brilliant movie, and think it’ll probably make my top ten of the year.  

We bought a few groceries since I really needed some soy milk and then came home.  I watched a couple of TV programmes and F went to bed fairly early.  

No idea what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  A lot depends on the weather and how we are both feeling.  Come on back in a little bit and check out my day.  Until tomorrow….

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