June 27, 2016

Monday - Cooler and sunny

A good day.

I got up a few minutes late, but was soon able to have my lovely tea and cereal breakfast.  I got a few things done early that I needed to do as well.  

F came home for a quick lunch and then was off again to work.  I got to work once he left.  I set up the slow cooker for tonight’s dinner.  I was making chicken fajitas in the slow cooker, so I prepared everything, set it, and let it go.  

I did start my column today, but I also found myself watching a Simon Pegg movie too.  It wasn’t a great film, but it was quite watchable, if a bit dark.  I enjoyed it.  

I had an early for me lunch and then cleaned up right away. I took a quick shower and thought about prepping for dinner, but waited to hear from F first.  I did put a few more veggies in the slow cooker though.  I didn’t want them all to get mushy by putting them all in at the beginning.  

When F finally called me I set the table and got a few things ready.  We had the fajitas and they were okay.  I had only used half of the seasoning pack, maybe all of it would have given us better flavouring, I’m not sure.  And the fajitas were really juicy-runny, even though I used a slotted spoon to take the meat out of the cooker.  Well, it was an easy recipe to do, but honestly, I think I like them the other way more!  We’ll have the leftovers for dinner tomorrow night.

After F did the dishes we went out for a walk.  I was a little more pro-active tonight and insisted that we start out slower than usual and build up speed.  It was a good call.  My foot hurt a bit, but it was nothing like it was last week when we called off our walk.  This was quite bearable.  We went a couple of times around the park and then set off down the road.  We walked along the river and then came home.  We didn’t visit a convenience store tonight either!  Yay us.  

When we came home, I had some tea and set up a pot for cold brewed tea.  F had a beer and went to bed a while ago.  

Tomorrow I must work on my column.  I have a one movie written about, now to pick a few more.  This time I have a list of films that fit the topic so I think I’ll be good if I just make myself do it! Come back later and I’ll tell you all about my day.  Until tomorrow….

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