June 6, 2016

Monday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I got up just before 9 this morning and did my usual veg on the couch while watching Castle thing.  It was great.  I had tea and breakfast, F even came home for a few minutes and told me he was driving out of town later on.  

I took a nap on the couch. I had gone to bed very late last night and was very tired.  In fact, I even got up off the couch and took a nap in bed, that’s how tired I was.  I didn’t really want to do a workout today, so I kept putting it off.  However, I finally did it.  Yay me.  

In the afternoon I had a bit of a late late lunch and then left for the drugstore.  I rode my new to me bike as well.  F’s mother doesn’t ride her bike anymore and has passed it on to me.  I didn’t really like it!  I’ve been riding a little folding bike for the last few years, I love it and don’t really want a new bike.  However, mine is rusty and this one is pristine, plus, F just put a new tire on it for me.  F’s mother’s bike is a boat.  It’s huge and not really easy to manoeuvre. Still, I managed it.

I got to the drugstore, bought my stuff and then came home again.  I had thought that F would be late because he said he would be, but he wasn’t!

Tonight we had steak.  They were on sale for a reasonable price at the store last night, so I cooked them for us tonight.  I did an okay job.  They were very medium rare!  Last time I over-cooked them, this time, they were okay.  I served them with quinoa and a salad and that was nice and simple.  I had planned to do baked potatoes, but the potatoes we have are quite green, so I’d have to cut all that off them.  

F did the dishes and asked about taking a walk.  I told him I’d go for a short one, but didn’t want to go a long distance so he decided not to go.  In fact, F was in bed quite early tonight.  He changed into his pyjamas before dinner and was in bed around 10:15 or so.  

I watched a little TV, but turned it off when the infomercials started.  

Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’ll get up to.  It does depend on the weather a bit.  I’d like to go out, but not sure if I will.  Come on back in a bit and find out with me what happens.  Until tomorrow….


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Sounds like it was a good day! :)

Helen said...

It was thanks! And welcome to my blog :-)