June 8, 2016

Wednesday - Hot and Sunny

A good day, mostly.

I got up this morning, came through to watch Castle and thoroughly enjoyed it as usual.  I had a smaller than usual breakfast since I was planning to eat out today.  I showered and then checked my wardrobe for things to wear.  I was trying on some of my older skirts to see if they fit me again.  They do, and a few are even a little big on me!  There were three contenders for skirt of the day and the first one was cool…below knee length black with zippers on the side pockets.  Nice.  Another contender was a black and white skirt, a bit long as well, with a fluted bottom.  Looked very nice, was a bit formal.  The last one I put on I nearly didn’t.  It was a short and floppy little skirt, black again with circles of white on it, looked like stitching, but wasn’t.  When I put on the skirt with the shirt I planned to wear, I was amazed.  It looked really good!  I didn’t look frumpy and the skirt was a good length on me.  I think the proportions of it were just right for me.  I wore it!

F came home for lunch today and a little bit later my friend came by so off I went.  We decided on the Grand El Sun and had a nice lunch in East.  I had pork that was done as a pizza…it had cheese and tomato sauce on it, plus the usual soup and salad and starters.  My friend had pizza but she was a bit disappointed in it.  We both had dessert, and even had the same dessert.  We had a “Juliet” cake, white chocolate with pistachio cake inside and a raspberry on top.  (Yes, there was a Romeo cake…maybe next time!)

After lunch we drove over to Tsuruoka park and went for a walk.  I had suggested going to the Taiho-kan today, but found out when we got there that it was closed today.  Oh no!  Too bad.  We walked some more and finally had a seat and gabbed.  Good thing I took my sun hat with me because I wasn’t wearing sunscreen.  

All too soon we had to go our separate ways.  She dropped me off at home and I changed into some normal clothes again.  I even put away the skirts I’d tried on earlier for good measure.  Yay me.

When F came home he brought a plant pot and some soil.  That was great, because my avocado seed has really been needing to be transplanted.  However, HE just did it, in the kitchen sink.  He didn’t clear the sink out first.  Also, he didn’t darn well ask me if I’d like to do it…it was MY plant.  I was really upset, I still am to be honest.  Then, he put the pot on the kitchen table…where I eat usually.  Nothing underneath it.  I suggested that he put some newspaper down first and went into the bedroom.  

He did come in and talk to me later, but was completely clueless that I was (am) upset about my plant.  I can’t even talk to him about it because if I do I’ll get the silent treatment for a week.  

We talked about going for dinner.  I wanted pasta, but F suggested Thai.  That would have been fine, but then he suggested going to a chicken restaurant/izakaya on foot so that he could drink.  That sounded like a good idea, but as we were about to leave, I remembered that we needed groceries.  So, we took the car to get our groceries, put them in the fridge and then walked over to the restaurant.

We had a feast at the restaurant.  As usual we ordered too much…there were a few things that we should have just shared instead of having a plate each.  Still, it was all good and we did walk so maybe it helped balance it out?  We left after a while, stuffed but happy.

We walked home, we did stop in a convenience store briefly, and then at home I watched some of Blindspot and then Penny Dreadful again. I wrote up some Postcrossings tonight too.  

F went to bed and I did up the garbage for him to take out tomorrow.  I was horrified to see the mess that he left in the sink.  There was dirt everywhere.  I probably missed a bit of it, but I made it look so much better.  

And that’s it for me.  I am quite annoyed by my husband making extra work for me.  However, I hope that he will be a happy plant owner because I have decided that I will no longer do anything with the plant.  If he is going take my plant then he can have the bloody thing. I think I’ll throw out all the other seeds too.  I had been keeping them to try and start others, but I don’t wish to do that now.  

Tomorrow I have to scan and send my cards and I’m making a quiche for dinner, after I thoroughly clean my side of the table.  Come back later and see what else I get up to as well.  Until tomorrow….

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