June 9, 2016

Thursday - Hot and Humid, rainy

An okay day.

I got up this morning a little early, but still had to drag myself around this morning.  I had my usual breakfast and it was good, plus tea of course.  I didn’t do a workout however.  I got dressed in my workout gear, but just didn’t bring myself to do it.  Oh dear.

F came home for lunch and then left again.  I watched part of Vanilla Sky…I think I need to watch that one from the very beginning and watch it all the way through.  I scanned my cards, had lunch and just before 5 pm left to run my cards to the post office.  Luckily I took my umbrella as it was raining outside.  

I came home and started prepping the kitchen and doing the day’s dishes.  I got them done and then started with the veggie prep and checking that we had the ingredients.  F had drunk most of the milk, so I sent him a message and asked him to pick some more up.  

I chopped up the veggies and bacon and then fried them a little.  I put them in a bowl to drain and to cool off a little. I made a crustless quiche (I keep typing curstless…let’s hope that it really is!) and F had been home for a little while when I stuck it in the oven.  There was a tiny bit of leftover egg, so I fried it up and F and I shared it.  Yum.

The quiche took about 45 minutes to cook and we had that with salmon cream soup and salad.  It got rave reviews and F was after a second piece long before I had finished my first!  That’s quite unusual.  

We watched a bit of TV, I did some crochet and some Postcrossing cards and then F went to bed quite early.  I have just prepared the plastic garbage for him to take out in the morning and I’ll likely go to bed soon.  It is so hot and humid at the moment.  Yuck.  

F has the day off tomorrow, but most of his morning is already spoken for.  He did promise to take me to lunch so that would be rather nice for a change!  Tomorrow night however, he has a party, so I’ll be thinking up something to amuse myself in the evening.  Hmm…what should I do? 

Come back later on and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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