July 1, 2016

Friday - Muggy in the morning, warm and sunny later on

Happy Canada Day!  

I was a tad late getting up this morning, but finally did.  I watched Castle and had my cereal and tea of course.  I even got dressed a little early and made the bed too.  I thought that F would come home for lunch but he didn’t. 

I did a few things around the apartment and also set some meat on to marinate for dinner.  I was making paprika chicken with chickpeas so I wanted the spices to really soak in to the chicken.  While I was working on the chicken, F came home for lunch.  He didn’t really eat anything though.

I had my lunch, partially while he was home, and a bit after he left.  He didn’t stay too long.  Then, I went out. 

I went off to the drugstore on my bicycle.  I hacked around the store and bought a few things.  I got some coffee liquid for F to have cafe lattes at home, some tea for me to have nice tea at home and a few other things.  Then, I came home again.

When I arrived at home, I unpacked my backpack and then vacuumed the apartment.  I stowed the vacuum again and then got on with dinner.  

F came home fairly early, but I still had to bake the chicken.  It was quite hot inside our apartment and I was using the oven.  Silly me.  Still, the chicken was very good.  I made some sauteed zucchini too and that was really good too.  We ate and I think we both enjoyed our food.  I packaged up a bit of the chicken for F’s mother…I hope she’ll like it.  I told F to tell her that if she doesn’t like the spices I won’t be offended.  

After F did the dishes and I vegged for a while, we went out for our walk.  We did quite a big distance tonight, but it was a nice night and both of us enjoyed it.  I was surprised when I arrived home, one of my apps told me that we’d walked the same distance last night too! We didn’t walk the same route so it was a bit interesting!

We had a quiet evening and did a bit of relaxing. I watched some TV and after a while F went to bed.  I need to get there soon too as I’m quite tired.  I was falling asleep at my computer earlier so need to catch my zzzs.  

I’m not too sure what tomorrow will be like.  F has to go into work in the morning and I’m hoping to catch a movie in the evening.  I suppose you’ll just have to come on back and find out!  Until tomorrow….

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