July 10, 2016

Sunday - Hot, Cloudy, Muggy

Thank goodness it’s over kind of day!

We both went to bed very late last night.  I of course slept in for the Sunday Morning Sleep-In. (I really should register that!) The first thing I knew, my alarm went off and F was wailing about his computer being broken.  I suppose I should be happy he didn’t try and wake me up earlier!

I got up, tried to help him get it back on line, opened up my computer, found the password he needed, helped him run the First Aid under Disk Utility all before I had a cup of tea, so that was pretty darn awesome in my books!  I’m not sure what happened to his computer, but it has been having a lot of trouble recently.  

Anyway, I felt a little woozy when I got up, but I put it down to just getting up quickly.  We discussed lunch and I said I’d go to the Fujishima place today, but of course F changed his mind.  We were on the way there in the car, when I asked if he really wanted to go there.  No as it happens.  Since I didn’t want to go there I asked to go to Subway in the mall.  He parked at the mall and then stalked off.  I got myself a sandwich and a drink and he disappeared upstairs.  I met up with him afterwards and we went to the car.  He started driving home, then his mother phoned him.  I didn’t know what was going on. I was feeling quite awful again, so when we got near our apartment I was glad.  I asked that he drop me at home before going to his mother’s.  Instead of turning right to our place, he turned left.  Seems that he was going to vote, but hadn’t bothered to tell me first.  When he parked I made to get out of the car and told him that I would walk home if I could from there.  He got mad at me and drove me home.

I changed into my pyjamas and went to bed for a few hours.  I didn’t sleep much, but gradually started to feel better.  The room was spinning for a while and I didn’t feel great at all.  

I got up after a few hours and we talked a little.  We talked about our trip that we’re planning and as usual F is putting all the pressure on me to plan the days, without actually saying anything that he’d like to see.  It is so annoying.  If he’d like a tour of all the yarn shops in the city…keep it up!  Then, on the other hand, he suggests taking travel company tours to fill up our days, and is surprised when I’m not really interested.  Umm….the tours will likely be in Japanese and I no speaka da lingo.  

We went out for dinner to Cocos.  I had a new dinner plate for me, a tofu burger and chicken cutlet with veggies and rice.  It wasn’t great.  It seemed like it had been put on a plate and microwaved! The drinks were good though and so was the salad.  

We bought a few groceries and then came home.  I did a little bit of crochet while I watched The Mentalist. 

That’s about it for my day.  F is kind of grumpy all the time.  I know a lot of it is the weather and work worries, but since he also seems angry at me all the time, it gets me down.  

I have a little bit of a cunning plan tomorrow, but I don’t want to write about it in case I don’t do it.  Come back in a while and find out about my day.  Until tomorrow….

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