July 13, 2016

Wednesday - Cloudy and rainy

A good day.

I got up this morning, made the bed and then took a shower.  I had a quick breakfast and some tea and then finished getting dressed.  I met my friend S and we went to her apartment.  She made lunch for us there.  It was simple, but so good!  We had baguette sandwiches and dessert.

We chatted for quite a while, but finally she had to get ready for work, so I asked her to drive me to S-Mall.  I was going to meet F there after he finished work.  She drove me, and I hopped out of the car.

I walked around the mall, found something for my niece and walked around some more.  I went back to buy the something for my niece and got myself a little something too.  

I went to Doutors and had an iced tea.  I sat at a table and finished reading a book on my phone.  It was a bit silly, but okay really.  F called me to say that he was going to his mother’s place.  Then, he called me to say it was Obon and he was going to take her to the temple.  He’d forgotten that it was Obon…and so had I!  

I finished my tea and was just deciding which book to start next when F called again.  He was in the mall looking for me.  He came over and I used the card we have to buy him a drink.  Then, I got myself another one too.  

We talked about dinner and decided to go to an udon restaurant.  Off we went.  We both had the same thing and we shared a spicy salad.  We had a spicy cabbage salad, then each had a bowl of udon and some tempura on rice.  It was good, if a little greasy.  

We went to a grocery store, the nice new one that I like, and got something for dinner for the next couple of nights.  

We came home and were going to go for a walk, but then F got wrapped up in computer stuff and it was 10:00 pm before he knew it.  I didn’t really want to go out so late, but REALLY wanted a walk, so changed my mind and asked if we could go.  He didn’t want to go too far again, but we did walk a couple of kilometres so not too bad!

We came home, I watched Grey’s Anatomy and did a little crochet.  

That’s about it really.  I had a good day, I didn’t spend much time at home.  No idea what sort of things I’ll get up to on Thursday.  Come back and find out!  Until tomorrow….

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