July 16, 2016

Saturday - Cloudy with a bit of rain later on

A good day!

I got up this morning quite early for me, but not as early as my hubby.  He was up around 5 he said.  Not just up, but out too!  He went to the grocery store, then to his doctor’s, his mother’s and back to his doctor.  He came back home just after I had begun to prepare for my shower.  Weird!

I had a quick breakfast and tea before we popped out to my doctor’s office.  Of course it took an hour before we got to see him, and we really weren’t even seeing him, I was seeing a man about a machine.  I got a new one.  I won’t let you know if it works better!

We had lunch at Naa, the farmer’s restaurant and it was quite nice.  After that, we went to an electronic shop where F bothered me by following me all around the store thisclose to me.  He looms over me by about 15 cm anyway, so I dislike it intensely.  I feel like he’s following me because he thinks I’m going to shoplift something.  I tried following right behind him for a while, but I couldn’t do the looming bit, so it just didn’t have the effect I was hoping for!

We drove around looking for another coffee shop, but the one Siri directed us to had closed.  Instead, we finally went to the same one we went to last week, but had kakigori instead of drinks.  I had coffee milk shaved ice and it was yummy!  F had coffee with azuki beans.  He liked it, but I think mine was much better.

We came home for a while and then discussed going for dinner.  We went to Fireball at my suggestion and it was really good.  We had the set dish, F ordered off the specials menu, me off the regular one.  I picked cold pasta with shrimp, raw tomatoes and avocado.  I think the base was a soup, maybe fish or chicken?  I’m not sure but it was good.  F ordered smoked salmon and uni in a tomato cream sauce and his was really good too.  
We were quite stuffed afterwards.

We came home and watched the third Hunger Games movie.  I liked it, but thought the pacing wasn’t great, F said he liked it, but really fell asleep in the middle!  When it was over he stumbled off to bed.

I stayed up and watched some telly, including the finale of So You Think You Can Dance.  There were some great dance routines tonight.  I also caught the end of The Machinist with Christian Bale.  Weird movie…not sure if I’ll bother seeing the whole thing sometime since I know the plot now.  

And that’s about it for today.  I have no idea what we’ll get up to tomorrow. I think a lot depends on the weather, and how F and I are feeling.  Come back later, I’ll most likely update but if I don’t, don’t wait up too late!  Until tomorrow…. 

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