July 19, 2016

Tuesday - Warm and Sunny

A good day.

I woke up late this morning but got up, made the bed, and got dressed so that was good. I made some breakfast and tea. 

I had a quiet morning really.  I didn’t do a lot, but along the way I did some laundry, put some away and got a start on dinner.  I also wrote a couple of gotochi cards and ran them off to the post office.  I just missed the last mail though, so they won’t go out until tomorrow most likely.

I came home and started putting dinner together.  I had decided to poach the salmon that we bought last night, so prepped for that, plus steamed some broccoli and made some potato salad.  When F came home, I started the salmon.  When we were ready to eat, it was really good.  F seemed to like it, but he was surprised when he saw it in the pan.  Dinner was really nice.  I probably will poach the salmon again.  I liked it a lot and I’m not a huge fan of grilled fish, believe it or not!

After dinner, F did the dishes and then set the bread maker.  He promised some bread to his mother and we need a bit too.  He wanted to go for our walk right away so that he could be back when the bread was finished.  

I really wasn’t feeling the walk at first, but as always happens, I got into it and it was nice.  I’m glad I went.

We came home and relaxed a bit.  At 11 I watched Suits and finally finished the crocheted runner I’m doing for my sister.  Except, I’m just not sure if I am happy with it.  I think it’ll be fine and I should block it first and then have a look, but right now I’m just happy that it is finished!

And that’s about it for my day.  I’ve been wasting time and watching much too much TV (Macbeth was on, and I just have to watch Macbeth, y’know!)

Not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  I’m supposed to be cooking so I’ll likely do something in my slow cooker.  Yay for me!  Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

You cooked fish? F was probably confused, thinking it was his birthday or something! :D (I do like fish, but I also do so detest cooking it!)

Helen said...

I cooked fish! I think F was really surprised that I poached it...he didn't look too happy when I asked him if it was done, but he said he enjoyed it. I really liked it.

I used a recipe from Simply Recipes for the method http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/poached_salmon/

It was very easy, almost foolproof! I didn't have the right kind of wine, but I used what I had and it was fine.