July 20, 2016

Wednesday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I got up early today, but fell asleep on the couch.  Sigh.  I had a really bizarre dream that woke me up, and I was shocked to see the time.

I had a late breakfast and some iced tea and then got on with my day.  F didn’t come home for lunch which did surprise me a tad.  

I watched most of a movie on NHK this afternoon while I set up my slow cooker for tonight’s dinner.  I was trying a new recipe, lemon chicken in the slow cooker.  It turned out okay, not great though.  F liked it, I wasn’t so sure.

After my quick lunch of cucumber sandwiches I took my big bicycle over to the drugstore and bought a few things.  I came home afterwards and started thinking about dinner.  F called to say he’d be late, but of course, wasn’t that late after all.

Still, dinner was good and on the table fairly fast.  I served him up quite a few leftovers with the lemon chicken.  I made “Buddha Bowls” for dinner though…I made a pot of quinoa and F had some rice with his and we topped them with the chicken and whatever toppings we wanted from the table.  Dinner was quite good.

When F finished the dishes he started chomping at the bit to go for a walk.  I really wasn’t that into it tonight again.  I guess I am really feeling the need to have some peaceful time after dinner to digest and relax.  I might need to talk to him about that actually.  

We went for a really long walk, it took almost an hour and of course we went through a convenience store for ice cream and in my case, a sports drink.  

I watched a couple of TV programs, while F vegged, bathed and then headed off to bed.  I stayed up as ever.  Sigh.  

I’m not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  If I can drag myself out of bed I might go and see a movie or two at the local theatre.  That depends more on my budget and whether I can get to the theatre before the movies start or not!

Come back in a bit and see what I manage to do on Thursday.  Until tomorrow….

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