July 24, 2016

Sunday - Warm and Sunny

An oddish day.

I slept in this morning because it is Sunday and I always do AND because I didn’t go to bed until very very early this morning.  I woke up a few times but one time I woke up because F called me. He was calling to say he’d been in an accident and was okay, but he might be home a bit late.

He arrived after 1 pm and I was up by then.  He told me that the person in front of him had stopped her car, so of course he stopped too.  The problem was the person behind him didn’t stop her car in time.  She rear-ended F’s car and caused quite a bit of damage.  Sadly for us, it seems like she doesn’t have complete insurance coverage, so I’m not sure what is going to happen about that.  F’s insurance will likely have to pick up the balance.  Sigh.  

We had a late lunch at Bikkuri Donkey!! which was nice for a change.  It’s so close, but we don’t go much as they don’t have a drink bar, and they don’t have a lot of food that F likes. 

When we finished lunch, we visited a camera shop so we could have some photos of the damage done to F’s car developed.  We were there for a few minutes, but not long really.

We wanted to have a drink, so ended up going to Doutors again for a drink. Before the drink, we popped into Baskin Robbins for some ice-cream. After we had our drink and our ice-cream, we headed off to the theatre.  Today’s movie was Youth with Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel and Rachel Weisz.  Neither of us liked it!  It had too many characters with pointless stories and never seem to lead anywhere.  Yesterday’s movie was so very much better.

We had a quick dinner at Cocos tonight.  I had chicken and F had a noodle dish.  I almost had one too, but I was wearing a shirt that is a bit of a pain to wash as it has to be laid flat to dry. I can’t eat noodles without splashing myself with soup so decided not to go there.

I bought a few groceries and then we came home.  We went for a walk and took a few pictures of the moon.  Sadly, they didn’t turn out well.  The moon was big and bright tonight. When we came home, F did some prep work for meeting with the insurance people tomorrow.  I hope things go well for him.  I feel a bit sorry for the woman that hit his car, but more sorry for his car!  

And that’s about it.  Tomorrow I hope to get a few things done around the apartment, and I’d like to get out for a little if I can.   Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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