July 29, 2016

Friday - Hot and humid

A good day.

I overslept again this morning but I don’t care!  Well, I do, but there wasn’t anything I could do after it happened.  I got up, made the bed quickly and was just about to start eating breakfast when F popped home bearing ice cream!  He ate his, I ate my breakfast.  Overnight oatmeal again, it was nice.  I’d only put half of the amount of yogurt in this time and it wasn’t as sour.  Unfortunately, F left to go back to work and also left his phone behind him.  I tried to run after him, but I was still in my pyjamas and there were two young boys in our apartment building’s lobby.  

I had a semi busy day around the apartment.  I did a bit of cleaning and got the shock of my life when I was vacuuming and F came back to have lunch and get his cell phone.  

Lunch today for me was nice. I had some of the curry and quinoa, plus a small bun we had bought yesterday.  It was very nice.  

In the later part of the afternoon, I scanned my cards and then fast walked them over to the post office.  I came home and began preparing for dinner.  

Tonight I made Migas again, and we had that with the last of the curry, quinoa and rice for F.  I managed to get the eggs just about perfect tonight…and of course F wouldn’t come to the table for ages.  I decided that I would start without him, and did.  Eggs should be eaten right away.  I wish he knew that!

I ended up doing the dishes tonight too.  I started them because F was deeply involved in his computer and then just when I get to the last thing, the frying pan, F acted like he had no idea what I was doing all this time.  Our living room and kitchen is only separated by an island, not a wall.  I knew he was tired so I didn’t care too much, but I do wish he wouldn’t act like he was surprised I did the dishes!

We took a walk tonight.  It was okay.  We went a different way than we’ve been going lately and it was hard to get into it.  My foot was acting up towards the end of the walk, and it was so hot and humid outside that I wasn’t feeling too happy.  Still, we went.  Yay us.

We came home and I relaxed, made some tea for both of us and ate the ice cream F brought me this morning.  It was nice.  

And that was just about it for my day.  I had to turn on the AC this evening as it was just too hot and humid for me.  I think I could stand the heat, it was just the humidity what done me in!

Come back in a while and find out all about my hopefully fabulous Saturday.  Until tomorrow….

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