July 4, 2016

Monday - Cooler but sunny

A good day.

I had a nice, pleasant morning today.  I was up on time and watched the last episode of Castle in the morning.  (sob) I had breakfast and tea and relaxed for a bit.  I got dressed around 11 and then at 11:30 or so I started working in the kitchen.

I did a bit of tidying up, but I stopped when F came home for lunch.  He needed the kitchen.  After he left, I went back in the kitchen and did some decluttering.  It was bad!  I have to do more this week too.  

I had some lunch and watched an episode of The Fosters and then relaxed for a bit.  I was thinking about starting dinner, when F called to say an emergency had come up and he’d be late.  I was sorry for him, but glad that I would have a bit longer to prepare dinner.

I cooked most of dinner before F came home.  I even did a Martha Stewart recipe…or an adaptation of one.  It was a little fiddly, but looked lovely and was very good! 

By the time F arrived, I had the quinoa cooked, the chicken was cooking and the Baked Tomatoes, Squash and Potatoes was cooling on the table.  We had dinner very quickly after he arrived and it was nice.  
Before cooking

After an hour in the oven.  So good!
I did the dishes too because he was tired.  I didn’t mind too much!  

We went for a walk tonight.  I think F would have liked a longer one, but my hips were bothering me a bit and I didn’t want to push it.  I think I did a lot of standing today and I’m not used to it anymore.  We stopped off for a bit of ice cream at a convenience store.  We brought it home and had it with some blueberries that we had bought yesterday.  Yum.

I watched a few things on TV and did a spot of blogging.  It was a busy day, but a good one too.  

Come back in a bit and find out what I get up to on Tuesday.  How will I survive without my dose of Castle? Until tomorrow….

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