July 5th, 2016

Tuesday - Cooler…didn’t go out

An okay day.

I got up early this morning, big surprise there.  Did the couch thing but as it was the show Resurrection and as I had already seen it and didn’t like it that much, kind of snoozed through it.  I didn’t have breakfast until 10 something this morning, but when I did I made porridge.  Yum.

I got dressed and made the bed and did a few things around the apartment.  I was getting an early start on dinner when F came home. I was using my garlic press and caught my finger in it by accident, so his first impression of me was that I was a bit angry.  I wasn’t angry at him…I was angry with the garlic press!

After F finished his lunch and went back to work, I did a little computer stuff and then got stuck in with the kitchen decluttering.  I got a lot done.  I have a corner of it to do still, and then I get to tackle the stove.  Oh what fun.  Not really.  F might get a hernia taking out the burnable garbage tomorrow!

I had a tiny lunch around 5 pm and then I got started on dinner.  Tonight I did quite a bit of cooking.  I steamed some zucchini and also some carrots.  The carrots were done in the microwave though.  F came home around 7 pm and was so tired I didn’t think he’d come for dinner.  He did and we had a good meal. It was garlic pork with salad, steamed zucchini with garlic and steamed carrots with lemony dill butter.  I was quite impressed with myself to be honest! Everything was nice.

After dinner, F disappeared back to bed so I did the dishes.  I started doing the dishes, but a few minutes later I heard him say that he’d do them.  I told him I’d leave him the frying pan and he agreed to that.  However, I did it anyway.  I had deglazed the pan, so there really wasn’t much to worry about and I don’t like the way he cleans it anyway!

I spent most of the evening at my computer catching up.  I did three Postcrossings too, which was nice.  I missed last week because of my column.  I watched a little TV, and tried to wake F up to take a bath a few times.  He decided not to take one and has been sleeping ever since.  It’s been a bit lonely to be honest.  

Tomorrow I am having lunch with a friend and then I’ll probably come home and send out my postcards or go back to the corner cleaning.  Maybe!

Come back in a bit and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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