July 8, 2016

Friday - Cloudy then hot and sunny

A little better today.

I woke up at 7am this morning, wondering if F would get up and take out the plastic garbage.  I checked after he left and he had taken it all out.  Whew!

I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I lay in bed for a while and then got up and did my usual Friday morning things.  

I had a decent day to be honest.  I did a little laundry and I went out for a while.  I went to the Post Office first to see if they had any of the new Gotochi Cards, but not yet.  I bought some more stamps though.  There were some Doraemon stamps that I got, and the plain old 20 yen stamp.  

After that, I walked to Kaneta and had a look around.  I bought a few small towels/wash cloths and a pillow cover for summer.  It is supposed to keep your head cool while you sleep.  I’ve had a couple before and they work to protect the pillow or pillowcase too, which is good in summer.

From Kaneta, I walked to a little teashop near my apartment and decided to treat myself to a little something.  I had “cake set” which was a mini-fruit tart with tea.  It was lovely.  I read a bit of a book on my phone and then walked home again.  
My lovely little treat!

Refreshed, I came home and folded up some dry laundry and did a few little things around the apartment.  I had a mini-lunch so that I wouldn’t get hungry for a while. 

When F came home, he wouldn’t talk to me for a while.  Things were quite bad for a few hours.  He made himself some ramen and ate it, then I made my dinner out of leftovers in the fridge. It was pretty awesome!  I did up my dishes and decided after a bit that I was going to go out for a walk.  He had just opened a beer, so I didn’t even ask him if he wanted to go.  I changed and went out.  I was gone for about 40 minutes and it was great!  I could walk at my own pace and didn’t stop to take photographs or anything like that.  

When I came home I felt a lot better.  I changed into my pyjamas and came through to the living room.  F was a little bit more talkative and we started talking again.  I asked about tomorrow’s schedule and suggested a movie at night.  F said he wants to save money so I said I’d go alone.  I might if the weather isn’t bad and things aren’t good with us.  Otherwise, I’ll likely go during the day next week.  

F went off to bed a while ago and is sleeping, but not that well.  I’m thinking of having an early night tonight too, but I am not sure about it all!

Come back later and see what I get up to, if anything.  Until tomorrow….

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