August 1, 2016

Monday - Hot and humid

An okay day.

I got up early this morning and had my overnight oats and some tea.  I watched a bit of TV, even had a little nap and then took a shower and got dressed.

F came home for lunch, but he brought me a drink so it was a nice thing to see him!  Today was so very hot.  It was awful in all honesty.  

In the afternoon I did some laundry and got a start on dinner.  I tried making a recipe with quinoa and vegetables in the slow cooker, but I ended up overcooking it and it wasn’t that good.  Sigh.  Still, I thought it tasted okay, just the texture wasn’t that great.

When F came home we had store-bought kabocha soup, salad and the quinoa-veggie dish.  Dinner was okay, but not great.  F did bone-head things like eat all the green onions that I had chopped for a garnish…Umm…why? He did do the dishes and I was quite grateful for that.

After dinner we went for a walk.  We did quite a long circuit, somewhere around 4 km.  We stopped in at a 7-11 for ice cream which might have negated some of the walking, but was nice in this horrid hot weather.

We came home, ate our ice cream and watched a bit of TV.  F went to bed a short time ago, I’ll probably go too soon. I’m not sure what I’ll get up to on Tuesday.  I have no idea right now!  Come back in a bit and find out.  Until tomorrow….

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