August 12, 2016

Friday - Hot and Sunny, cooler at night

Started as an okay day, but…

I had a normal sort of morning today.  I got up, had breakfast and watched the Castle rebroadcast.  I got dressed fairly early, did a few personal things around the apartment, and even had lunch today.  I went out around 5.

I walked to the mall.  I thought if F called me he could pick me up, and if he worked later than that, I’d just get a bit of early exercise.  I checked out a few stores, didn’t buy anything and then had a drink in Doutor.  I did a little research while I was there for our upcoming vacation.

There was no word from F (he had mentioned that he’d be late tonight) so I started to walk home.  Of course, I’d walked for 5 minutes and then I got a call from him.  I told him I’d see him at home later.

He came home and we had a good reunion.  He was tired from driving, but had a fairly good day I think.

I did make dinner and it was okay.  I did scrambled eggs tonight, served in a tortilla.  It was a no fuss meal basically.  He asked me not to put any pressure on him to come to the table, so I didn’t.  But, how annoying for me, really.  Am I supposed to wait until he’s ready to eat before I eat? That isn’t going to happen.

I let him do the dishes and a little after dinner we went for a walk.  We went for a few kilometres tonight and it was okay.  Mostly things went well.  We detoured through a convenience store again…really wish we’d stop doing that.  I got a small, calorie controlled ice cream so at least I didn’t go too wild!

We came home, ate our ice cream and then F put on more Olympics and watched it.  I was on my computer, basically waiting for him to finish watching his sport, when he announced that a Google Plus friend had seen some meteors.  He was going outside right now to look at the meteors.  I had been waiting for him to talk about going out so I was a little upset.  I wasn’t dressed for going out, so I couldn’t go out immediately.  

I decided that I’d get changed and go out too.  I was nearly dressed when he came back.  At first he seemed glad that I was going to go out, but when I told him that I had been waiting for him to finish watching his sports and was upset that he didn’t ask me if I’d like to go out, he got upset.  Again.

So, he went to bed and refused to go out.  I went out and looked at the stars for a bit.  I saw a few meteors and it was cool, but not as cool as it would have been with him.  Sigh.  I did spend a few minutes deciding a course of action for myself for the future.  I’ll probably change my mind in the morning.

I have no idea what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  Or what we’ll get up to tomorrow if he deigns to speak to me by then.  I’ll most likely be back later with another scintillating update.  Until tomorrow….

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