August 15, 2016

Monday - Rainy and humid

A strange day.

I woke up this morning and got up right away.  That was surprising!  I dozed a bit in the morning and had my breakfast and tea.  F popped in to say that he was taking the afternoon off as his mother was under the weather and he was going to take her to the doctor. 

After he left, I got dressed, made the bed, the usual things.  I also started doing laundry.  I haven’t done any of my things in ages, so it was getting necessary.  I had planned to use my slow cooker too today, but the meat wasn’t completely thawed yet, so decided to wait until tomorrow for that.

In the afternoon, F came home for a bit as the doctor didn’t open for a while.  He went off to take his mother to the doctor and I was alone again.  I did more laundry and waited a bit.

I didn’t hear from F until close to 7 pm.  His mother had an I.V. and was doing a bit better.  She probably had a bit of heatstroke. He took her home and made her comfortable and then came home for me.  We went out for a cheap and cheerful dinner at Gusto and both had the same thing.  They had a cold noodle salad dish and we tried that.  We both had the version with low glycemic (I think) noodles and it was okay.  We also had drink bar and shared an order of teriyaki mayo chicken on spinach that was very nice.  

F wanted to check on his mother so we stopped at a convenience store and got a few things to take her.  We got some just add hot water soups and typical Japanese dishes, and I saw a small cold soup container that I thought she might like.  Some times when I’m feeling sick, just boiling the kettle is too much work.  

We came home after buying gas for the car and had a quiet evening in.  F watched a lot of Olympic stuff and I even sat on the couch and crocheted for a bit.  I had to take back some of the bit I had done last night as I had skipped a row.  No big deal really.  My poncho is looking good!

F is snoozing on the couch now and I’m blogging away.  I’d like to get to bed earlier tonight as I need more sleep than I have been getting. So, I’ll leave you there.  

Come back later and see if F’s mum recovers and how my kitchen adventures go.  Until tomorrow….

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