August 16, 2016

Tuesday - Hot and humid, muggy

An okay day.

I got up this morning on time, had breakfast and tea on the couch and caught up on Facebook and other things.  Around 11 we got a delivery and I had to get dressed very quickly to accept it. It was a big box which I brought inside.

In the afternoon, F came home for lunch and we looked at the outside of the box.  It is from a woman that F corresponds with or follows or however it works on GooglePlus.  She’s sent us a box of random stuff before, just after F’s dog died for him and his mother to cheer them up.  Today another box arrived.  He didn’t have time to open it, so vowed to do it later.  

All the time F was home for lunch I was in the kitchen starting to work on dinner.  I was making pulled pork again to try and make space in our freezer.  I tried a new recipe that didn’t use barbecue sauce! After I had the roast on in my slow cooker, I made some cucumber-yogurt salad and put it in the fridge to meld.

After that, I finally got down to my lunch!  I finished up the pancake mix from yesterday. It was quite good really, although a little sweet.

After work, F came home and opened the box.  There was a bunch of random stuff in there for him and his mother again.  There was a nice handbag, with a little pouch inside from Thailand, a big vase, and some snacks.  F tried to give me the handbag, but it wasn’t my style really.  I told him to take it for his mother and see if she wanted it.

He took off to visit her and make sure that she was okay.  This morning she was doing better so he did go to work.  I stayed home and worked on dinner.  I shredded the pork and then put it back in the slow cooker to absorb more flavour, I made the coleslaw, set the table, the usual.  

F didn’t come home for ages, but was okay.  He brought back the handbag from his mother.  She didn’t want it either.  I guess I can use it sometime, but it really isn’t my kind of thing!  I like the backpack/handbag combo as it is practical.  Still, if I need to dress up it might be okay.  

We had dinner.  F only had a bit as he’d eaten with his mother.  I’m glad that he did because she needs the company, but sad because he didn’t eat much of my lovely dinner.  Still there are always leftovers!

I did the dishes although F did basically offer to do them, and then wrote up 4 postcards over the evening.  During Suits I did some crochet on the couch.  Yay me.  F went for a walk tonight by himself.  He seemed to enjoy it so that was good. I am on strike at the moment.  

And that’s about it.  I’ve been in Olympic Hell ever since I gave up the TV after my show.  I am not a sports person, but whatever.  

Tomorrow I don’t have any plans yet. I’ll have to scan my cards and I might want to get a head start on my next column.  Come on back later if you are interested and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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