August 18, 2016

Thursday - Sunny and hot, some cloud I think

An okay day.

I got up a little late this morning and watched my show, with my overnight oatmeal and my cup of cold iced tea.  That was nice.  I also watched a bit of a movie too I think.  

I had planned to make some pizza dough today for tomorrow, but on the whole, decided not to do it.  It is so hot in the apartment that to make proper pizzas tomorrow would be quite crazy.

F came home for lunch today but was quiet.  Before he came, I did a bit of a clean off his coffee table, although it looks just as full of junk as it did before.  I threw out a bunch of older local papers and such.  

In the afternoon, I had an early for me lunch and then did the dishes.  I even did a bit of tidying up in the kitchen and bedroom.  Odd for me, but very necessary.

I decided to have pasta for dinner and got all the things set up for it.  I pre-boiled the water, set the table, washed the mini tomatoes and then when F finally arrived...he said he didn’t want any.  So, I put his plate and cutlery away and made mine for me.  He didn’t want any salad, so I ate it all too! 

I don’t think he was too pleased with me eating first and blocking him from the kitchen, but I did offer to make food for him and I put the food on the table really fast .  Also, if he had asked me to move I would have moved.  

I did my dishes and went to my computer to do some postcrossing and stuff.  I wrote email to a woman in another prefecture having a hard time, and when F went out for his walk, I went over to the couch and sat and did some crochet.  Speaking of which, here is the latest picture!
Both sides of the Molly Poncho, created as close to simultaneously as I can!

F came back fairly soon I thought and oh no! I was watching something that wasn’t the Olympics! He didn’t say anything, so I kept watching and crocheting.  When my show was over, I did let him watch more Olympics.  His sport, wrestling, was on again and he was so into it, it was funny.  At one point he asked about the weekend and I told him quite honestly that I didn’t want to go to the fireworks anymore. He got a bit mad at me and started saying that he was so busy these days….Right.  That’s why you’ve sat on the couch every night this week and cheered at the TV, but completely ignored me. Sure, whatever. However, I do know that he is busy and then his mum’s health has been causing a bit of stress, so when there was a good break in the sports action I went over and gave him a hug.  It started a nice chain reaction and he suddenly got playful and hugged me back and joked a bit too.  That was even better than I hoped!

He’s off in bed now sleeping and I’ll hopefully get off to sleep soon too.  

I’m not entirely sure what is going to happen on Friday, so if you are so moved, come on back and find out! Until tomorrow….

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