August 19, 2016

Friday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I got up on time this morning and made some hot tea and had my cereal.  I watched my shows and did some of my usual stuff. It was a quiet day, except it was really hot.

When F came home for lunch I stayed out of his way mostly, but things were fine.  He ate and then left again.  I was really sleepy so I went to bed and took a nap.  I haven’t been that tired for a while.

Afterwards I had lunch and then scanned my cards.  When I finished that, I changed and got ready for going out.  As I was getting ready, I had a craving for an iced coffee, so I came up with a cunning plan.  I decided to walk to the post office to mail my postcards and then continue to the nearest convenience store to pick up an iced coffee at their “cafe”.  It was a great idea.  I got to the convenience store and ordered a caffe latte and took it off with me.  It was great!  I really enjoyed it.  It was so cold though, my hand nearly froze.

I came home, finished my drink and made some plans for dinner.  

F called to ask if I wanted anything for dinner so I “ordered” some mushrooms and some cheese.  I asked if he’d like to join me for dinner and he asked what I was making.  I said either quesadillas or pizzas and he said he’d like pizzas.  So, that’s what we had.  

By the time he got home, I had prepped some chicken, drained a small can of tuna for him, cut up some mini tomatoes, part of a red onion and soaked and drained it, and had the table all set.  We had tofu and salad too, plus quite a few pizzas on small tortillas.  It was actually rather nice.  I did three little pizzas, one with chicken and veggies, one all veggies and another one that was tuna and veggies.  F likes to really load everything on his pizzas, but they were still good.  

F did the dishes tonight and a little while later he asked if I’d go for a walk, so I did.  I wish I didn’t because he was being a jerk along the way, but I went back to the same convenience store and got myself an iced tea and walked home with that! Very nice it was too. F got himself an ice cream so we were both happy.

Most of tonight has been watching the Olympics.  I’m a tad sad because I missed Castle due to walking and didn’t get to do any crochet tonight either.  However, things are a little friendlier around here, so that is good.

Tomorrow I’m not really sure what we’ll get up to.  F has to go to the doctors office if it is open, and take his mum too.  In the evening it is Tsuruoka’s Hanabi, or Fireworks Festival.  F wants to go to the riverside to see them. I’m not completely sure that I want to go, but since I missed them last year because he was in the hospital, I probably should!

Come back later and I’ll hopefully be able to tell you all about my day.  Until tomorrow….

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