August 2, 2016

Tuesday - Rainy and humid

An okay day.

I got up early again this morning, quite impressed myself.  Of course I did have a bit of a snooze on the couch but I wasn’t actually in bed at the time so it must count, right?

I had a very quiet day at home.  I didn’t get up to a lot, I re-watched Project Runway that was on TV.  I like the show, even though people can get a bit silly at times, they are at least trying to create something interesting.  

Around 5 I started to work on dinner.  I had read a recipe last night to try and rescue my overcooked quinoa, so I tried it.  Basically I added a couple of eggs, some panko, and a little cheese and made veggie burgers out of it.  I put them in the fridge to chill.  I also prepped some chicken and some cucumbers for dinner.

I had everything ready to go when F came home and he announced that he had a headache and made a beeline for the bedroom.  When he got up a few minutes later and said that he didn’t know if he could eat, I very calmly said that it was okay, but I was going to cook for myself.  So I did.  

And then, a few minutes later, just as I was about to sit down and eat, F came out of the bedroom and joined me.  Yay.  Dinner wasn’t bad at all.  The quinoa burgers were okay.  This is one time where I would have liked to have a bun with them so it would be more like a “hamburger”.  I did the dishes again.  I didn’t mind too much as F said he was feeling dizzy and a dizzy dishwasher is a bad dishwasher in my opinion.  (Try saying that five times!)

We had a quiet evening.  F would go and have a lie down, then get up five minutes later.  Finally, he left for the bedroom.  We didn’t go out walking tonight. It was sad, but F didn’t ask until it was quite late and I didn’t want to go with a sick husband. If he was dizzy it really wasn’t a good idea anyway.

I wrote up 4 postcards tonight and even scanned and stamped them too for good measure.  Yay me!

Tomorrow I am meeting a friend for lunch and a bit of a chat, after that I’m not sure what I’ll get up to.  Please feel free to come back after a bit and see what’s new.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

That is a genius idea for saving quinoa! I have learned the hard way to drain it as soon as the cooking time is over because otherwise it gets a little mushy. But if it happens again, I'm going to try making quinoa burgers (or maybe croquettes).

Poor F! The hot weather does me in, too. I just feel like laying around and alternating watching movies with cool showers. :)

Helen said...

Thank you about the recipe! I'm not sure how much quinoa costs in the US, but here it can be quite expensive, plus it had nice ingredients like chickpeas, onions, carrots and spinach so I didn't want to waste it. Some people turn mushy quinoa into a porridgy thing for breakfast, but since mine had all that stuff in it I didn't want to make it a breakfast food. Croquettes sound like a good idea too.

I can't take credit for the idea, I found it on a web search.

I think you are right about the hot weather and F. My friend was thinking the same thing today. We had quite cool weather for the last few weeks and then BOOM! hot and humid. He doesn't drink enough water at the best of times...I think I shall have to make him increase his water/Pocari Sweat intake.

Thank you for visiting :-)