August 20, 2016

Saturday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

It is really late and I don’t really feel like posting since I have to get up early on Sunday, so I’ll just say that the day was surprisingly nice.  We walked over to the Akagawa in the evening to see the fireworks.  We haven’t actually gone over there in years and it was great.  F found us a good place to sit and we were able to watch the fireworks close up for a change.  

We walked home afterwards via a Taiwanese bar, where we had a bit of lovely food and met the person running the bar.  There was a bit of an ignorant jerk in the bar for a while, but he left and it was much nicer! 

We left with presents from the bartender of edamame and peanuts, and a little discount of the tab, so we were quite pleased.  

On the way home we picked up a few things at the convenience store and then came home and relaxed.  

That was about it for our day.  It was quite good.  Here’s a few of my fireworks pictures.  I didn’t take many because iPhones usually don’t do a good job, or at least, I don’t do a good job of taking them with my iPhone!

F and I before the show started.

This was part of a "dolphin" story.  It is blurry, but you can see the dolphin!

Part of the finale.  It was terrific!
 Come back later and find out about my Sunday.  Until tomorrow….
Also finale fireworks...

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