August 21, 2016

Sunday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I got up early this morning, and took a shower.  We got dressed and went over to the restaurant where we met my friend and her son and had a lovely lunch with them.  After that, we went over to the Chido Museum and spent some time touring the museum.  We saw a lot, but some of the buildings are too hot, or too smelly to spend a lot of time in, so we skipped the last one and went for dessert!

We drove out to a place in Haguro town and had Popovers and drinks made from cordials.  It was lovely.  However, my friend’s son was getting tired and it was time to go our separate ways.

My friend left, and F and I came home.  I tried to get him interested in karaoke on the way home, but he wasn’t into it.  When we came home, I went to bed!  I was tired.  I slept for about an hour, then got up.  

We decided to go to the festival that was on downtown so walked over.  I tried to get F to slow down a bit because I was tired, but he really only has one speed…too fast for me.  

We did have a nice time at the festival.  Saw a little dancing, ate some nice Thai food and basically enjoyed ourselves. We even bumped into F’s sister and her husband, that was fun!

We walked home and then drove to the grocery store and bought a few things for the next couple of evenings worth of food.  We came home again and I made us some tea and then watched The Mentalist and did a bit of crochet. I haven’t done any in days, and was sorely missing it. 

And that’s about it.  We’re both up really late.  F was watching wrestling and I’m just up!  However, I want to get to bed, so I’m going there soon.

Come back in a bit and see what my Monday is like.  Until tomorrow….

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