August 23, 2016

Tuesday - Sunny and gorgeous

A good day!

I got up this morning and the weather outside was gorgeous.  Completely opposite to yesterday.  I know other areas of Japan have been battered today, but we were fine.  In fact, the temperature was a soupçon lower, so I didn’t even use the air conditioner at all today.  Woot!

I got up and had breakfast and then fell asleep on the couch.  Sigh.  I woke up for a couple of minutes and then dozed off again.  Finally I dragged myself off the couch and on with my day.  I made the bed and got dressed, and then for added good measure, tidied up a bit of a mess in my bedroom.  It looks a lot better now.

I spent a quiet day at home.  I didn’t actually start my column, but I have finally decided what I’m going to write about, so that is half of my battle there! Once I have my topic in mind, it is rather easy to write it.  I can fact-check later, but getting the important stuff down is necessary.

I had a lovely lunch of a quesadilla and salad and did some computer work.  I got started on dinner around 5:30 or so after F called.  

When F came home he was exhausted and his back really hurt.  He took a shower right away and then had a lie-down.  I kept on with dinner.  Tonight we had baked chicken in the toaster oven, plus some stir-fried shimeji mushrooms.  I had asked him to bring home a salad, which he did, so we had that, plus leftover potato salad and some banbanji that he had bought.  It was quite nice and I was surprised that F actually ate what I made, plus a few other things.

He did the dishes and then we went out for a short walk.  I told him that I only wanted to be out for 30 minutes, so set my timer to go off in 15 minutes.  Then, we could turn around and come home again.  Except we stopped off in McDonalds for an ice cream and a shake! I had an iced tea with my ice cream, F had an ice cream and a milkshake.  

We came home again and after a little while F went to bed.  I did some crochet on the couch while I watched the season finale of Suits.  

A few interesting things that I haven’t blogged about have happened lately…a couple of friends from university have gotten in touch via Facebook….I had to shut F’s computer down last night because it was very noisy and overheating…Japan has had 3 typhoons go through in a very short time….And that’s about it.

Come back later and find out what Wednesday is like around here!  Until tomorrow….

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