August 29, 2016

Monday - Hot and Sunny

An okay day.

Today I wrote!  I wrote up a storm.  I did my usual tea and breakfast from the couch, but instead of napping or snoozing on the couch, I came to my computer desk and worked on my column.  And, I think I’m mostly done.  I have a bit to write tomorrow and some polishing to do as well, but I’m definitely getting there.

F was on a driving assignment in Yamagata today, so I didn’t have him popping in for lunch.  In fact, he came home very, very late today…around 8:30.  I really felt for him.  Thankfully I had dinner well underway, and it only took me a few more minutes to get us fed.  We had a nice meal I think.  It was asparagus with a butter soy-sauce, a stir-fry of egg, bacon, and nila(garlic chives), plus salad and I had quinoa, F rice.  F was exhausted and really not feeling well, so I excused him from the dishes.  There were rather a lot tonight, so it was a big sacrifice on my part!

I watched a few of my programmes from the weekend while I washed and dried dishes, plus went back to my computer and did even more writing.  Who would have thought that writing a simple little movie column requires so much research and checking? 

F stayed in bed most of the night. I did suggest a bath or shower but he opted out of it.  I hope he’s feeling better tomorrow.

Tomorrow I must finish my column and hopefully get it sent in.  That will make it a little bit before the deadline, which is fine with me.  I have plans for Wednesday and I keep putting off normal homemaking things in order to finish my column.  So, come on back in a bit and find out if I finish or not. Until tomorrow….

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