August 3, 2016

Wednesday - Hot and Muggy, cooler at night

A good day.

I got up on time this morning and took a shower.  After that I spent a bit of time deciding what to wear.  I was going to wear a skirt, but changed my mind and decided on jeans and a t-shirt that my niece had picked out for a me a few years ago.  It was such an odd t-shirt and it made me feel really body conscious so I never wore it.  Today, I did!  And it was kind of neat to be honest.

I had breakfast and cold tea at home and wrapped up a couple of things on my computer.  I met my friend at 11:30 and we decided to go to the Daiichi Hotel for lunch.  We drove over to the mall and walked through to the hotel.  We both had pasta, but different kinds.  I had a scallop, green bean and potato spaghetti with basil sauce, my friend had some kind of pasta with tomato sauce.  It looked nice, but I liked mine a lot.  We had salad and cold soup, plus dessert and tea too.  It was nice.

After lunch we went shopping.  My friend wanted some clothes for her son for next year, so found a few things in the mall.  We rewarded ourselves with some ice cream from Baskin Robbins. I had Jamoca Almond Fudge, for the first time in years.  Both of us only had the one scoop, so were being good for a change! (Good is relative here.)

Sadly, after a quick discussion of some business things, my friend had to leave.  She dropped me off at home again and then went on her way.

I drank a lot of tea at home and then when F came home we talked about where to have dinner.  I suggested to him that we go to a fish restaurant and he was okay with that.  In the car, he suggested a better restaurant that was a little further away.  It was fine with me, so off we went.  We were lucky enough to be able to go in tonight.  F loves this place and even I have to admit the food is good here.  F had the tempura set meal and I had gindara.  I got a very thick piece of fish, which is why they put on the menu it would take 30 minutes to cook it! It was nice though.

We visited the grocery store and bought a few items there for the next couple of nights eating. Tomorrow night I’m thinking stuffed zucchini in the slow cooker, and then on Friday night we’re going to go with chips and dip.  Not healthy at all, but we foolishly bought a huge bag of regular chips at Costco and they’ll expire soon.  I’m not sure why F did that!

We went for a walk tonight and I got to be the boss tonight.  We only went for 3 something kilometres, but I thought F was a bit tired.  He did feel better today.  At one point I was walking and I saw a shadow of something on the path in front of me.  At the same time, F said, “Watch out!” I thought that he had seen something dangerous in front of me, or something living, and tried really hard to step over the shadow, which threw me off balance.  It turned out that he thought I was going to walk into a bench that was off to my right that I had already seen…and I’m not sure why he thought I’d walk into something that wasn’t in my path.  

He’s done this a few times lately and it really annoys me, so I expressed my frustration about it a whole lot less angrily than I felt, but he got a bit snappy at me.  

Finally, towards the end of our walk, I realized I was pointing out things to him that he could see (like a person on a bike), just to make conversation.  I decided not to say anything again until he did.  Yes, you guessed it.  We got home before he said another word to me!

He did talk a little when we arrived so it was fine, and I’m sure he didn’t notice at all, but how odd.

At home, I watched Blindspot and then Grey’s Anatomy.  I started a new crochet project during the latter show, although I may have to rip it back and restart it, just because I’d like to have it a little bigger.

And that was my day.  All in all, it was good.  It was lovely to see my friend again and lovely to get out of the apartment!  

Come back soon and find out all about my Thursday.  Until tomorrow….

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