August 4, 2016

Thursday - Hot and sunny I think

A mish-mash day.

I got up a little late today, but did the whole breakfast tea thing and enjoyed it.  I also did the whole fall asleep on the couch thing too.  Oops. 

I woke up, made the bed, got dressed and then was going to start on dinner but realized that F would likely be home for lunch.  He was.  After he left I got started on dinner.

I made stuffed zucchini in my slow cooker.  It was a bit fiddly because I had to make the zucchini fit my slow cooker and because I didn’t have sausage meat, so I used ground chicken instead.  Anyway, I got everything in and left it to cook.

When F came home I had everything ready to go and…he didn’t want to eat anything.  Nice.  To be fair, he did try. He had one of the zucchini boats and some miso soup and that was it.  He said it was good, but it wasn’t the mealtime I was hoping for.  I ate the other things, salad, fried mushrooms, zucchini and miso soup. 

I did the dishes again and again F pulled the BS thing where he said, “Oh, I was going to do the dishes!”  Yeah, right.  It isn’t like I’m in a different room. 

F was trying to get in touch with his sister tonight, but couldn’t reach her so he started to obsess about it and at first wouldn’t tell me why and got quite rude about it. I asked how long he’d been trying to reach her and then I pointed out that she could even just be at a movie.  Honestly, I am getting a bit annoyed with him.  

He did ask if I wanted to go for a walk tonight, but it was 9:30 when he asked and I really didn’t at that point.  I had had enough of him and wanted a few minutes by myself.  He went off and I cheerfully wished him a good time.

I got stuck into my crochet again.  I downloaded a dice app after looking for some of my old dice and not finding them. I made up a sheet with the yarn that I have numbered 1 through 6 and then restarted.  I also made it a little longer than I had last night.  I had worried it was too long, but in a comment, another person had mentioned that they were large and wished they’d made it longer. I got three rows done tonight and I like the way it looks so far!  I think I might even start the other panel at the same time so it has some of the same yarn in it too!

When F came back he had some food and took a shower then went off to bed.  He also turned on the air conditioner at one point tonight and complained that it was cooler outside.  I’m not sure what his point was.  I was freezing under the air conditioner and asked him to make it warmer for me.  Finally he switched to the dehumidifier mode.  Yay. 

Anyway, that’s how my day has been today.  Lots of little frustrating things and I never even got out of the apartment.  

Come back in a bit, if you can bear the monotony and see how Friday goes.  Until tomorrow….

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