August 6, 2016

Saturday - Hot and Sunny

A really nice day!

I slept in a little this morning, but woke up to an empty apartment.  I got up, made the bed and then took a shower and got dressed.  Normal stuff.

F called a little after 12 to say that he’d be finished with his mother soon and would come home. He arrived and asked about lunch.  Today I had a couple of ideas for him, he picked one of them and off we went.

We went to the Grand El Sun and had a lovely lunch in their restaurant.  I had what was basically a vegetarian lunch, cold spaghetti with tomatoes and basil.  It was lovely, and just what I wanted.  F had what I usually do, the meat plate.  We both had a small starter and salad, F also got soup and rice with his.  We had a drink afterwards and it was nice.

We went to a craft store after lunch to see if I needed to renew my membership card (I did) and to see if I could find some yarn to expand my colour palette for my poncho.  I could.  I got a burgundy and an interesting yellow.  The two colours blended quite well with the blues that I had already and I’m looking forward to adding them to the pieces.  

After that I suggested going to a new shoe store to get F a pair of shoes for our trip next month.  I had seen the inside of his usual shoes the other day and they were falling apart.  We went to a new shoe store and looked around.  He found a pair he liked and I was happy that they weren’t the ¥2500 type that he usually buys.  Then, he suggested getting me a pair.  I looked at the women’s shoes, but as usual for this country, they seemed to stop at 24.5 cm.  I have 25 or 26 cm feet depending on the type of shoe and the width.  A sales clerk helped us find a pair for me though.  They are kind of unisex shoes, although technically they are mens, but they seem really comfortable so yay!  I’m going to wear them a bit around the apartment next week to break them in before I start wearing them.  It was an expensive trip to the shoe store for us, but F didn’t seem to mind.

We had a drink at Doutor, followed by a quick and painless trip around the hundred yen shop.  After that, we had some Baskin Robbins ice cream.  We both tried their Wild Amazon flavour and quite enjoyed it.  It has fruit and avocado (which is a fruit of course) and nuts in it and is quite nice.  F had some Pistachio Scream with his and I had Earl Grey and Caramel Scone with mine.  

We came home for a bit and vegged and relaxed.  We watched some of the opening of the Olympics together, but didn’t see all of it sadly.  

Around 7:30, we left the apartment and walked over to the drinking area of Tsuruoka.  F had asked me to go out for dinner to have yakitori, and I was happy to oblige him.  We walked over and seemed to find little festivals everywhere we went!  It was rather nice.  We ended up at a Yakitoriya and had a pretty decent meal.  The chicken and the pork was nice, although they were out of some of the stuff F ordered.  We had a couple of drinks and after a bit we walked home, via a convenience store for even more ice cream! 

Since we got home, F has been watching Olympics non-stop.  Yawn.  I’m sorry, but I just don’t care.  I’m usually at the movies on a Saturday night, so my shows are already recording, but watching sports in a language I don’t understand is not what I want to do.  I’d rather crochet or read, or maybe even go to bed!  

Anyway, F and I had a pretty good day today and didn’t argue so that is really something good!  I’m not sure what we’ll get up to on Sunday as we don’t have plans yet.  Come back later and see what exciting thing happens next.  Until tomorrow….

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