August 8, 2016

Monday - Hot and Sunny, rainy at night

What happened to my day?

I got up early this morning, had my overnight oats and some tea and then watched a bit of telly in the morning.  I ended up snoozing for a bit and when I woke up I had a sore throat.  Ouch.

I did my usual morning things and when F came home talked to him about a book I had ordered.  We got things sorted out I think and then he went back to work.

I spent the rest of the afternoon at home and hoped to go out for a bit, but as usual I just didn’t leave the apartment.  Sigh.  When F called to say he was coming home I started working on the salad.  It was quite a nice one, and I had a big lettuce to wash and a few ingredients to prepare.

When he arrived, I was almost done and the table was set.  He didn’t seem in a bad mood or anything.  I told him that I was ready for him to come to the table and he just went off on me.  He wasn’t going to come and eat and that was that.  So, I ate.  I had a couple of bowls of very nice salad then put the leftovers away for tomorrow.  At least I’ll have something for lunch and or dinner tomorrow night.

F was deep, deep into his news and Olympics coverage so I grabbed my phone and went out.  I just walked over to the local McDonalds and had a drink and a sundae, but it was so good to just get out of the apartment.  I read a bit of my book and just vegged a little.

When I finished my ice cream and my drink I walked home again.  The only thing that has been said to me the whole time was about the air conditioner, which I ignored.  I personally don’t like it on that much because F always cranks it too high. Since my desk is under the AC, I get all the “benefit” of it.  Usually I’m so cold I want to put on my shrug or something.  

So I’m not sure what I have done to deserve this latest round of idiocy.  I have the more-than-sneaking suspicion that it is more about him and less about me, but I am so annoyed with him right now.  I spend a lot of time trying to come up with nice meals for us and I usually clear them with him in the store so I don’t think it is the food.  I think that he probably had a bad day and needed someone to take it out on.  Good thing I’m here for that, isn’t it?

Anyway, I may go to bed early tonight as emotional crap like this always tires me out…or I might not go to bed at all!  Ha!  Tune in later or not as you see fit.  Until tomorrow….


Orchid64 said...

I had the same issues with air conditioning and my husband when I was in Japan. I actually just wore a sweater when I got too cold and that was easier than making him feel too hot. We just have really different thermostats.

That being said, it does seem like he was taking his issues out on you. I'm really sorry about the stress you're putting up with! Take care!

Helen said...

My husband doesn't actually like air conditioning. It hurts his back, so he usually only runs it for me or on an extremely hot day. He does like to make it quite cold when he uses it, so I really do suffer! I don't mind wearing a shawl or shrug, it just seems a bit silly to make things that cold in my opinion!

Yeah, I think that trying to understand that this may not be about anything that I have done helps a little, but I am getting tired of it. It keeps happening and I am told that it is always my fault...gets a bit old.

Thanks for writing in Orchid64!