September 1, 2016

Thursday - Sunny and warm

A good day, surprisingly.

I was a tad late getting up this morning, but managed to see quite a bit of The X-Files.  Bruce Campbell was on so I wish I’d seen it from the beginning.  

I did some of my computer stuff and then made the bed and got dressed, the usual stuff.  F did come home and had cereal for lunch again today.  I’m not sure why he has stopped buying himself bento but that’s up to him.  

In the afternoon I watched one of the newest Agents of Shield episodes and then decided to see if I could get my hair cut.  Between looking for a picture to take and changing clothes, and going to the post office I didn’t arrive until 4 pm.  When I got there my hairdresser was busy but she’s going to see me tomorrow afternoon, early.  I hope it works out!  I desperately need a haircut.

I went to the mall and had a Subway sandwich and then hacked around some of the shops.  I picked out a present for F for our anniversary later this month and decided I’ll likely get it tomorrow.  I didn’t buy anything in the hundred yen shop, nor in the grocery store later.  

I went to Doutors and had some iced coffee and read a bit of a book on my phone, then left for home.  I was on my way home when F called me.  It was at a good point for a change, I had just stopped at a stop sign.  Usually he gets me when I can’t stop, like when I’m crossing a busy street or something.  

I came home and a few minutes later, so did F.  I scrambled to get dinner on the table but did a pretty good job I think.  We had Saikoro steak, miso soup, salad, and focaccia bread with tomatoes in it.   That was good!  He did the dishes afterwards for us.  

He asked if I wanted to go for a walk and I said I did.  I got changed and as soon as I got out of the apartment he told me that I had to decide where to go and how fast and everything that I hate.  So, for the next 40-something minutes I led.  I did Intervals at times where I would go quite fast, and not once in all that time did F even talk to me.  I was quite annoyed.  I took us on a farther walk tonight, went to a temple gate that I had been thinking of using as a goal and then headed back.  I didn’t detour through a convenience store, but did go through the park.  

I didn’t say much at home.  I decided that I just have had enough.  I used to really enjoy my workouts behind the couch and I gave them up to spend time with him that isn’t really time with him because he’s whining that I’m not going fast enough, or he’s walking 12 feet behind me.  

I did a little bit of crochet and started to feel a little bit better.  Not much, just a little. F went to the grocery store and got us some ice cream too!  That helps all things!  I also watched last week’s Castle and it was really good.   

When he went to bed I went in to the room afterwards and we talked a little bit.  I told him that I walked with him to be with him, to spend time with him and since we weren’t talking while we were walking, I wasn’t going to do it anymore.  I tried to get across that for me, the important part is that we are spending time together and enjoying it.  I am not enjoying it at the moment.  I explained that my previous pair of shoes had zero cushioning and my feet were constantly sore.  My new ones are better, but I’m walking so much and today, so fast, that my feet really hurt.  He told me his new shoes aren’t very good for his walking, so we’re a right pair.  Anyway, we didn’t sort out everything, but we talked and didn’t argue so that was really good.  

I came back to my computer and watched more Agents of Shield and then wrote this.  

Tomorrow I have to try and get many little things done before I go to my hairdresser and get my hair chopped off.  I’m thinking to get something a little radical if I can.  If I was really brave I’d get a wild colour in it too, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea before travelling to another country.  I’m sure it isn’t!  Come back later and find out how my Friday goes.  Until tomorrow….


wespeakjapaneseandenglish said...

Are you going back to Canada soon? I like your's a pretty color. It looks good on you. If you are going to Canada...maybe you should get your hair done there instead of Japan..since Canadians know about gaijin hair?

Helen said...

Nope, sadly, no plans to go back to Canada this year.

I have to tell you that my hair looks so much better here in Japan than it did in Canada. I've gone to the same stylist for 19 years and she's wonderful. I never had money in Canada to get it done properly, so I'm happy with my hair here :-)

I did get it cut colour change....that's natural by the way! I'm lucky my mum and Grandmother both had silver too :-)

Thanks for visiting :-)