September 14, 2016

Wednesday - Partly Sunny, warmer

A good day.

I got up this morning and did my usual things, except I took a shower around 10:00 today.  After that, I watched my show, surfed the net a little and watched more TV.  F came home for lunch, but my friend arrived so I had to leave.

We went over to Pisolino, the Italian buffet place.  She had a hankering for salad, and I’m always happy to go and get salad and other nice things to eat. She got a lovely pizza and I had pasta and we both helped ourselves to the buffet.  We had some great chats and then went over to a clothing store across the way.  We had a bit of a snoop and found some nice things.  We didn’t buy the said nice things, but I did tell F that I’d like to go back this weekend!  

She dropped me off at home and went on her way.

I came into the apartment, watched a bit of the news and then got stuck into dinner prep.  I had planned originally to cook pasta, but since I had it for lunch, changed my mind.  I prepared the chicken I bought last night for cooking, made an eggplant dish and when F called to say he had finished work, was just about ready to start cooking.  When he came home, I popped the chicken in the toaster oven and by the time he finished his shower, had everything ready.  

We had marinated eggplant, salad, lemon pepper chicken, and miso soup.  There was even cut up nashi for dessert.  Things were really nice and F seemed to enjoy dinner.  I’m beginning to wonder if he likes having at least one dish with “the Japanese taste”.  The eggplant was very gingery and was quite good I thought.  I’m not a huge fan of ginger, but I didn’t mind this.  

I started the dishes after dinner, but F actually took over from me and did the rest.  Yay.  He watched a bit of telly, but I took over the TV from 10 pm on.  I had some tea and watched Blindspot.  We had our nashi around 11 too.  F went to bed, but I’m still up of course.  

I did some crochet tonight and I also did a couple of postcrossing cards.  I feel like I’m falling behind lately.  I’m not getting many out each week.  I just seem so busy all the time!  That’s my opinion, not really a fact.  

Not sure what I’ll get up to on Thursday, but F booked us into a fancy restaurant on Friday night for our anniversary dinner.  I’m looking forward to that.  I might even wear a dress or something…I’ll have to see about that though!

Come back later and check out my Thursday happenings.  Until tomorrow….

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