September 2, 2016

Friday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

This morning I got up and came through to the living room in time to watch Mulder and Scully.  Today’s episode was rather fun, it had Victoria Jackson from SNL in it.  I had my overnight oatmeal and some tea.  During the break between the English shows, I took a shower and then came back to watch Castle again.  I’m quite sad as they are taking it off.  I hope they’ll bring it back.  What will I do without my Nathan Fillion shot every week?

As soon as Castle finished, I put on the last Agent of Shield episode from the DVR and watched that.  F came home just as it finished up.  I decided that I’d get dressed for going out and ask him if I could have a ride to the mall.  That’s what I did, and he said it was okay.

I asked him to let me out near the mall, which he did. I walked over to the mall, and went in and had lunch first up.  I went to Patio and had their lunch pasta which was quite nice today.  After that, I walked over to my hairdresser’s salon and got my hair cut.  As usual, I had a good time and really like my very short do!  I just wish that I had it done a month ago before all the hot weather started.

I came back to the mall and took out some money, then bought F’s anniversary present.  I got him something that I think he’ll like.  I would like to get him something else small too, but I’ll wait on that. 

I hacked around the mall a little and picked up a few things at the hundred yen shop.  I bought a couple of fans, a new scarf, an earphone for F and some spoons because my good ones keep mysteriously disappearing.  I went to Doutor and had a glass of iced tea and read my autobiography of Robert Wagner for a while and then walked home.  

At home I started to get a handle on dinner.  I had looked up a recipe for shaved asparagus pizza, and decided to make that.  I washed and then shaved the asparagus, then cut up some mushrooms, washed the tomatoes…that kind of thing.  F came home just before I finished.  Usually when we do the pizza thing at home, we take turns making the pizza, but tonight he asked me to make them both.  I made my shaved asparagus one first and then I made one with salami, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and cheese on it.  They were both good.  I gave the edge to the asparagus one, but F liked the everything on it one best!
Shaved asparagus pizza...yum!

Salami, tomato, mushroom and red onion
Also yum!

F did the dishes quickly and then we got ready to go out.  We planned to go and see the Pagoda at Mt. Haguro because they light it up at this time of year.  Well, obviously, last weekend going to the waterfall taught me nothing.  Sigh.  We drove off into the darkness around the mountain.  Finally, after some backtracking, we arrived near the pagoda.  I saw a long line of people dressed in white robes heading away from the pagoda.  I gasped a bit because it looked a bit ghostly, but realized that they might be yamabushi.  F was surprised to see them too.

We parked off the road and then F tried to lead me down the main road.  He did have a flashlight, so at least he was somewhat prepared.  We went a bit down the road and he said we were going the wrong way.  We turned around and went back towards the car.  Then, he tried taking me down a very narrow side road.  There were no lights there whatsoever and there was a ditch on each side of the road so you had to be careful where you walked.  We went a bit down this road and I stopped him finally.  I told him that we had probably missed it tonight.  No one was around, there were no lights on, and quite frankly, I wasn’t prepared to walk any further down a dark country road where there could be bears or axe murderers.   We turned around and went back.  It wasn’t that bad, but honestly, we should have been able to see some kind of light in the distance. 

We drove back to Tsuruoka and went to a Gusto.  I thought we were after dessert, which I had, but F had a noodle dish.  And complained that it was too spicy.  We came home again and found out that the pagoda was supposed to be lit up until 9:30.  I’m sure we were there by then, but we must have just missed it.  

We had a quiet evening.  I watched some telly and then something off the DVR.  

I’m not really sure what Saturday will bring for us.  Ghostbusters is finally playing in town and I’m planning to see it.  Husband is optional!  He can come if he wants.  I would be okay with walking to the cinema if he’d like to do that.  So that was my day.  I have a great haircut, learned to make a yummy pizza and went wandering around in the wilderness.  I’m like the guy from Kung Fu, but with better hair.  Until tomorrow….

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