September 20, 2016

Tuesday - Rainy and cooler

An okay day.

I got up in time to watch The X-Files and did.  I had a nice breakfast and some tea too.  I dozed off between my shows, but somehow managed to wake up in time for the second one.  Yay me.

F came home about 3 times during the day and phoned me at least twice.  It was a bit annoying since I had wanted to get some work done, but find him being home a huge distraction.  I can live with him coming home for lunch, but the popping in drives me to distraction.  I was just going to have lunch when he came home.  Gah!

I looked up some tours again, but didn’t book anything.  I have a basic plan for the first day, but would like to have a little leeway in what we do.  I think if we schedule ourselves too much, we won’t have any fun.  I suggested either contacting the travel company office in Seoul or the hotel, or a tourist office and asking them to book the tours that we want there.  I don’t know if F trusts me though.  

He cooked dinner tonight.  He made nabe.  It was okay, but to be honest, he uses a soup base for soba and I just don’t like it.  It doesn’t taste like anything.  I had requested a chicken consomm√© base earlier but I was overruled.  And, F used the shimeji that I bought for my cooking of dinner tomorrow night in his nabe!  I was a tad put out.  He offered to get more, but it’s probably fine.  Probably!

After dinner I did the dishes and then looked up more tour stuff.  I put on Criminal Minds at 11 pm and watched it and did a few rows of crochet.  I am still enjoying the work. F went to bed a while ago, and I am still up, but planning on going to bed any day now!

Tomorrow I will be cooking dinner, hopefully get a few things packed into my suitcase, and maybe do a bit of vacuuming.  I bet I don’t get anything done again.  Sigh.  Come back later and see!  Until tomorrow…. 

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