September 29, 2016

Thursday - Rainy then clearing

We’re back from Seoul.  We had a great time  there, although I got a bit too much sun on Monday and it rained all of Tuesday. If I have time I’ll try and write up a post about it, but don’t hold your breath.

Last night we stayed in Sendai, did a few things like see a movie (Sully), shopping, and eating out.  I took F to a place that I visited with a friend earlier this year and I over-indulged in french fries and got rather sick last night.  I had an early night last night.

Today, we had breakfast in the hotel, I made a mad and successful dash to a post office for Gotochi cards and then we left the city.  Before we were able to leave, F had a brain freeze and thought he’d lost the car keys.  He went back to the hotel to look for them, made arrangements to have his car towed out of the parking building and then came back and found them in his pants from yesterday’s pockets. In his suitcase.  Where I had told him to look already.  He phoned to have the towing cancelled again.  

We went to Costco in Yamagata, had lunch there and then did a little shopping.  It was a tad expensive, but we renewed our membership and bought a pre-paid card for gas, so actually got more than it seemed.  I got a new jacket there and a book, got more quinoa, some tuna, potatoes, broccoli and avocados. We couldn’t find any tortilla chips this trip though.   That was a first.

We had a drink (me) and some frozen yogurt (us) before we left Costco and started the drive home.  We made good time and when we came home I quickly checked the fridge and then we headed out again to buy groceries.  Neither of us wanted to go to a restaurant so we bought take out sushi and came home and had it.  

We had a fairly quiet evening.  F went to bed early as he’s not feeling well.  I had a bit of a cold when I left and maybe he’s caught it now?  I hope not.  He’s a bit worried about a work situation so I hope that things work out for him when he gets there.

Well, that’s it for me for now.  I’ll try talking again later.  Until tomorrow….


Adam Rafique said...

Buy your Costco membership in Deadmonton next time you'e there ;)

Especially since you're rolling in all that 1Y=1.35 CAD yen ;)

Helen said...

No plans to travel to Edmonton for a while and our membership is expiring next month. I'll think about it next time I'm there though!