September 3, 2016

Saturday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

It’s very late, so I’m going to give you a very brief look at my day.  It turned out rather well as you will see!

This morning I slept in a little, but got up and made the bed just as F came home.  He’d had a busy morning.

I asked F if he wanted to have some of yesterday’s leftover food and he said he would.  So, I made us each an omelette. Mine was mushroom, onion and cheese and it was very good.  F’s was salami, mushroom and cheese.  I put some gently cooked mini tomatoes on the plate too.  

We went out in the afternoon to S-Mall and had a drink at Doutors.  After that, we hit up a shoe store for insoles for F and then the nearby drugstore.  We drove around for a while and then went to the small cafe at House Kiyokawa for a drink and a snack.  

We went home and then got ready to walk to the cinema.  We walked for 15 or so minutes and had dinner at a place near the theatre.  I had a pork and vegetable stir-fry with rice and miso soup, and so did F.  We had a walk after dinner and a drink too, then headed back to the cinema.  We went to see Ghostbusters.  The place was quite busy today, and there were a lot of people around.

The film was fun!  Was it the greatest movie ever?  No, but it was quite a good time.  The cameos were cool and parts of the movie were really funny.

After the movie, F and I walked to a bar that he knows and we had a bite to eat and a drink each.  Afterwards, we paid and walked home.

When we arrived home, we watched a bit of TV and then F went to bed. And that’s it really.

I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow, so please come on back and find out.  Until tomorrow….

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