September 5, 2016

Monday - Hot and Sunny

A busy day!

I woke up early and got dressed.  I was convinced that the Fire Alarm Inspectors were going to come today so I made a path for them in our tatami room.  They didn’t come, but I’m glad I did it anyway.

I watched my shows and drank some tea and had breakfast…it was a good morning.  In the afternoon I looked up some recipes and then decided that I had to go to the store.  A little after 2 I set off on my big boat/bicycle.  Did I ever mention that?  My MIL gave me her bicycle.  It is huge and honestly, I don’t really like it, but it does have a basket on the front, so works for carrying stuff. 

I bought a few things in the grocery store and then came home via McDonalds.  I had a light lunch there, basically a hamburger, salad and a drink.  At home, I did a bit of dinner prep. I had found a recipe for eggplant and decided to try it.  I had bought a few things for it and then had to put it all together.  I did, and then put the dish in the fridge to marinate.  I did the same thing for the pork for dinner.  

Around 5 pm, I was thinking about kicking dinner prep into high gear, when F called to say he’d be late.  He was very late.  He didn’t get home until after 8 pm.  In fact, I had actually cooked the pork before he arrived because I didn’t want to wait anymore.  Dinner got good reviews, but honestly, the marinade for the eggplant was a little sweet in my mind.  It needed more ginger or less sugar.  Tomorrow. 

I thought that F was really tired since he had said on the phone that he’d like to go to bed right away, but he stayed up watching (bad) TV.  I was a bit miffed.  He left to take his shower and I switched the channel.  When he came back, he wanted to watch his stuff again.  I wasn’t pleased really, but let him.  Just glad for him that I wasn’t a fan of what’s on today.  

Finally he went to bed and I’m still up, but am planning to get to bed soon.  I’ve had a lot of really late nights lately, an earlier night would be good.

Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow…. 

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