September 9, 2016

Friday - Rainy and cooler

A mostly quiet sad day.

I woke up last night around 5:30.  I may have dozed off a bit until it was time to get up, but I’m not sure.  I got up early for me, so that I could take out the plastic garbage, since I wasn’t sure if F would do it.  

That done, I came back in and tidied up the bedding and spent a bit of time in the kitchen.  I had my usual quiet morning and watched a bit of TV.  I was surprised that White Collar wasn’t on this morning.  They used to replay Castle on Friday mornings but they didn’t show White Collar today. 

During the day I watched some of my TV that I had taped during the week, and finished all but one program I think.  I made sure to have lunch today too.  F came home for lunch and was almost friendly.  I asked him if I should cook dinner tonight and he didn’t say no. I asked him to just call me when he was on his way home so that I could start the pasta.

I had a good and quiet afternoon and then F just showed up.  I was rather disappointed that he didn’t call, so I asked him if he wanted me to cook dinner.  He didn’t.  So, I put all the dishes away from the table and then made my dinner.  I concocted a mixture of mashed potato and canned tuna which I fried.  It was quite nice honestly! 

I cleaned up my dishes and spent a lot of time being quiet in the corner.  F went to bed early as he has a very early work assignment tomorrow morning.  I’ll probably go to bed fairly soon.  

We didn’t shout at each other today, and chatted a little about inconsequential stuff, so that is better, but things still aren’t good.

Tomorrow I’m at home alone, not sure for how long.  I’ll hopefully be able to update later on too.  Until tomorrow….

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