October 13, 2016

Thursday - Cloudy but warmish

A good day.  

I’ve managed to go over my usual bedtime so I’ll have to make this short.  I got up early but fell asleep on the couch.  I woke up, watched a bit of telly and had breakfast, then took a shower before F came home for lunch.

After lunch, I did a few things around the apartment and then took myself off to the mall.  I had a sandwich at Subway and then a raspberry Royal Soy Latte at Doutor.  The latter was odd, but good! I was hoping that F would call me but he didn’t, so I walked home again.

At home, I had just decided to start on dinner when F arrived.  He hadn’t done the shopping I asked him to do during lunch so sent him to the shop while I did some food prep.

Tonight we had the last of our Costco avocados as guacamole.  I made nachos, so toasted some tortilla chips covered in cheddar in the toaster oven.  They were nice with the guacamole and some salsa too.  We finished dinner with a bit of the apple crumble from last night and some ice cream that F had bought us.

The evening was quiet here.  I did some postcrossings and then went to the couch for Bones.  It was exactly like the end of a series so they must have thought they’d be cancelled or something.  I know there isn’t a lot of the show left.  

F had an early night and I’m about to join him as I’m quite tired tonight.  

Tomorrow I have to scan my postcards and send off a bunch of them, plus I have to cook some veggies for dinner.  The meat is already cooked, so I just have to add the veggies I’ll be making.  Hmm.  

That’s it for me.  Until tomorrow….

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