October 14, 2016

Friday - Cloudy but warm

An okay day.

I got up this morning and had breakfast and tea.  I was a little late, but I didn’t fall asleep so that was good!

I did some laundry and when F came home for lunch he brought me a sandwich.  It was nice of him, but I really didn’t want it that much.  Still, it was good!  

In the afternoon I hung up my laundry and scanned my cards.  I also got a bunch of cards ready to send to another Postcrosser in Japan.  I was able to help fill in some of the gaps in her collection.  Oh, and a friend from elementary school in Britain had asked if I could help her daughter do a project for school.  I did it last night before bed, and today I asked on my women’s group if anyone else would like to help out.  I had quite a few responses, so that was good. 

I ran off to the post office a bit after 4 and mailed my cards.  While I was in the post office having my package sent, one of the workers came over with a brochure for the special 18 yen stamps for sending nengajo overseas.  The nice thing is that they are perfect for me sending regular cards overseas too! It was very nice of her and I hope to ask F to help me order some of the stamps.

I came home again and started working on dinner.  I found a couple of recipes and put them together.  I also decided to roast the cauliflower that F had bought yesterday.  The weird thing was that it was full of caterpillars!  I think I got about 5 of them out of it.  It wasn’t even that big!  I cleaned it out as best as I could and cut off any area where there was a bug and got it ready to roast.  

When F came home we had leftover chicken, quinoa, stir-fried asparagus and mushrooms, roasted cauliflower and salad.  It was quite nice.  F asked me during my cooking if I’d like to start walking with him again and I had to tell him quite honestly that I wouldn’t.  I tried to be nice about it, but I think I upset him.  I told him truthfully that I enjoyed walking, but not fighting about walking.  I couldn’t walk fast enough for him, he wouldn’t walk with me.  If he wanted to go for a walk, I had to set the route.  He wouldn’t suggest routes, and constantly either walked right behind me or 20 feet in front of me, neither of which did I enjoy.  So, no, I don’t want to start walking with him again.  

He was quiet for most of the evening after that.  During dinner, he finished early and I was still eating.  He started washing the dishes and then started to ask me where to put the clean dishes that were in the drying board from before dinner.  It was so annoying.  He wouldn’t let me clear off the table either.  Finally he went off in a huff to bed and of course fell asleep.  Guess who did the dishes.  Yep, me.  

At 9:00pm I turned on the TV and he got up.  He went for a walk by himself, but probably should have just gone back to bed.  He’s not doing that well these days.  He came back and made himself some food and left all his dishes in the sink, where they will remain until he does them.  

He went back to bed around midnight.  I’ll try and get to bed soon.  I have to go to the doctor tomorrow, one of those in and out silly Japanese things where I’ll have to wait for an hour to see the doctor for 3 minutes.  Annoying.  At least I have a good book to take with me.  

Not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow after the doctor’s office.  I hope we’ll have a good day together.  Come back later and find out.  Until tomorrow….

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