October 15, 2016

Saturday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I’m really, really tired at the moment so if I stop making sense, please understand!

 The doctor’s appointment in the morning went well and we didn’t have to wait all that long.  The weird thing was that when we had moved to the area closer to the doctor I looked over at F and there was a caterpillar on his collar!  I picked it off in a tissue and let F deal with it.  We assume that it came from one of the trees that F had looked at in the morning.

We had lunch at Krippa, the Indian/Nepal place.  The young guy is still there by himself.  The food was okay, but the service is really slow.  

After lunch, we went to the Chido Museum to see their Samurai show.  It was quite interesting.  Then we went to S-Mall to have some Raspberry Coffee.  I liked mine, F didn’t.  

We came home for a while and I worked on my computer for a bit.  F took a nap.  

In the evening, F checked on his mother and then came back.  We decided to walk to the theater and have dinner on the way.  We got to the main street and saw there was a big festival going on. We didn’t stick around for it, but the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed.  We walked to First Point and had a lovely meal.  It was really good.  I had pasta with chestnut and mushrooms.  Yum.

We went to see Trumbo and I was very impressed.  It was quite good.  I liked a lot of the actors in their smaller parts.

After the movie, we walked over to The Good Luck Cafe to have a drink or two.  We had a little food too, then walked home.

At home, I watched Project Runway and some other stuff.  Now, I must go to bed as my sentences aren’t making sense when I write them!  Until tomorrow….

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