October 17, 2016

Monday - Warmer

A good day.

I got up this morning as my alarm rang and made it to the couch in time to watch The X-Files.  I had some tea and some overnight oatmeal and enjoyed myself.  I really relaxed, so it was nice.

Around 1, I started working in my bedroom.  I moved the box that has been in front of my closet for ages and then went through some of my clothes.  I did a little bit of KonMari on my wardrobe.  I didn’t throw out a lot of stuff yet, but I did throw out some, so yay me! I also did a little bit of packing for my trip on the weekend.

When I finished I had a very late lunch.  I finished up some of the yummy stuff from last week.  Then, I got started on dinner for tonight.  I was making tacos from scratch.  I had some leftover taco seasoning mix that I had made before and decided to use that.  I got many of the other ingredients ready for dinner.  I just needed someone to eat with.

F didn’t come until after 7 pm so I was a tad worried about him.  He’d gone shopping for his mother and apparently had some food with her too.  I cooked the ground meat and then it was time to eat.  The tacos were pretty good but I was disappointed that F only had one.  Then he told me that he’d eaten something with his mother. 

After dinner F finally did the dishes and then he went for a walk.  I stayed home and did some Postcrossing.  Yay.  I wrote 4 cards today so that was good.  I’ll have to scan them and send them tomorrow afternoon.  

We had a fairly quiet evening here, except F watched some TV. It wasn’t the bad kind, so I’m not complaining.  

Basically that was my day.  Mostly unexciting, but I am glad to have started working on my wardrobe even a little.  

That’s it for me.  Come back later and see how my Tuesday is.  Until tomorrow….

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