October 18, 2016

Tuesday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

This morning I got up and watched The X-Files and had my breakfast with some tea.  I love these relaxed mornings.  Unfortunately, I continued the relaxed morning into the afternoon!  However, I did get a few things done.  I finally got down my quilt from the cupboard and put the cover on it.  Then, I made the bed and took off my blanket and towelket.  I took off F’s blanket too, but left him the towelket.  He likes his bed complicated.  I’m not sure he’ll even notice, fingers crossed.

In the afternoon I took a shower and used some new shampoo.  I bought a sample of it in Sendai as I’d seen a bottle of it locally and thought I might try it.  It is supposed to add shine to my hair.  It does, but unfortunately it makes it a little itchy too, so I probably won’t be buying it.  Sigh.  

I had lunch early for me, after my shower and it was really good.  I finished up a few things from the fridge, and made myself a really yummy Buddha bowl.  It was a pleasure to eat today!

When lunch was over I scanned my cards and got them ready for the post office.  I ran them off and then decided to detour to the convenience store. I didn’t get the iced coffee I planned on getting, I got an iced tea.  It was really good, so yay me.

I came home and got started on dinner.  I set up my onions in my frying pan to caramelize and while that was happening, I did the dishes and then prepped the other things for dinner.  I knew that F might be late tonight, but I still ran out of time.  He came home around 7:00 I think, but I still had to bake dinner.  I made a tian and lemon pepper chicken.  We had those with salad.  It was lovely.  Really good. F even had seconds of the veggies and lately he hasn’t been doing that.  

F did the dishes afterwards and I emailed a friend to let her know that I was free to Skype.  She wanted some feedback from the workshop she gave a couple of weekends ago.  We had a great chat.

I made us some tea and we finally finished up the apple crumble with some ice cream for a late dessert.  I watched Criminal Minds and later on NCIS: LA.  And that was, more or less, my day.  

Tomorrow, F is hoping to take the day off to take his mother to the doctor as she’s under the weather.  I have a lunch date that I’m looking forward to so yay on that.  I should be back tomorrow night, so please come back in a little bit.  Until tomorrow….

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