October 28, 2016

Friday - Rainy and cool

An okay day.

Today was a very quiet day around the apartment.  I overslept in the morning and completely missed my X-Files, checked email and had breakfast and ignored the TV for a bit.  I made the bed, and got dressed a little late, but no big deal.  

In the afternoon I buckled down a bit and worked on my column. I’m about halfway done, but will probably have to stop working on it for the weekend.  Having F around isn’t conducive to my writing process.  He can’t help it, he is just not sympathetic to my cause.

I wrote a letter to F’s doctor as well. He is retiring at the end of the month. I’ve been his patient a few times too.  He’s a very cool man, speaks pretty good English, and I like him as a person.  

In the evening I started to get the kitchen in order and put water on to boil for the pasta.  F was a little late, but since dinner wasn’t a big deal tonight, it wasn’t a problem.  We had pasta with a cilantro-genovase sauce and it was okay.  F and I are in the stages of getting to like cilantro. We’re not quite there yet, although I do think I’m further along than he is! We also had sauteed shrimp and salad. I did the dishes since F pleaded that he was dizzy and tired.  I thought he was going to bed, but really he just sat on the couch and played with his computer. Grr.

Around 11 I went to the couch and watched Shameless and darned in a few more ends.  The one side of my panel is starting to look fairly good!  I may finish this year, you never know.

I am still up very, very late for me but will hie myself off to bed soon.  I’m tired and I have no idea what I’ll be doing after I get up.  Come back later and find out about my day!  Until tomorrow….

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