October 29, 2016

Saturday - Cool and cloudy

A good day.

I went to bed terribly late last night, so overslept today.  I got up and had made the bed when F came home from the doctor.  I showered and then we went out for lunch.  I suggested Hyakkenbori and that’s where we went.  It was quite nice, but we did have to wait for a while first. I had chicken, F had the special today which was a mixed fry.

We went to Yamaya to pick up a few things.  I needed allspice, but got lots of snacks and things.  F got ramen and more ramen! 

We came home to unpack and since nothing was happening, I went back to bed.  I slept for at least an hour, probably two.

When I woke up, we got ready to go to the theatre.  We had to have a search for our movie cards first and then we only had a few minutes when we got to the theatre.  As we’d gone to an early show, I had suggested going to the bakery.  We did, and bought a bread thing for each of us.  We sat in the lobby and ate them. Yum.
The movie, Inferno, was kind of dumb.  I enjoyed it, more for the performances by the women in the film, than for the story.  I wouldn’t really recommend it, but it was okay. 

After the movie, we came home, I changed my jacket, and we set off for Ginza Dori and a restaurant/bar.  We had a few dishes there and then headed off to another place that F wanted to go to.

At that place, it was really crowded, but we got seats.  We had a few dishes and F had a couple of drinks.  They were really starting to get pushy about me.  The woman wanted me to join a party of foreigners some time, but I don’t have any interest to be honest.  I was quite uncomfortable by the end, so we left and walked home via the convenience store.

We got home just in time for Project Runway, which was quite good tonight.  I stayed up late blogging and gaming, but am just about ready for bed.  I’m not sure what I’ll be up to when I get up.  If you are interested, come on back.  Until tomorrow….

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